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Thread: How Russians work in Syria...

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    How Russians work in Syria...

    I just read this crazy interview with a Russian Marine, guy from Crimea, who had fought in Syria since early 2016:

    They do not ID him, because he obviously ain't authorized to discuss any of this shit.

    But, apparently, he was part of a unit that provided protection from the ground for the choppers striking the militants from the air, like these guys, possibly even one of them IS the guy

    Basically, they would move out, on their armored trucks, to the danger zone where the choppers were engaged, and if the choppers get fired at from the ground, they would then have to find d and eliminate the threat. And also, if, God forbid, a chopper went down, their job would also be to find and rescue the pilots, if at all possible. He says all the members of his team and other such teams, were handpicked guys, the best, literally, best scorers in their fields, whether snipers, medics, etc. These were elite all-volunteer squads, assembled quickly just specifically for the mission in Syria. Quickly, but we'll assembled, nonetheless, he says. They all knew their job and did it well.

    Well, whole thing is too long and boring to translate, but a few bits stood out for me, and one in particular I want to quote here:

    There was one somewhat tragic episode. One of our choppers was fired upon from a certain village. So,we went in there to investigate. The locals there, the elders and their police, gave us a bit of a hard time. They were not too cooperative, even somewhat confrontational at times. Our translator warned them that it is unwise to mess with us, but they did not listen. So, unfortunately, we had to return later and teach a lesson there. We rounded up some of the elders and killed them, shot them all, one by one, in the main square, so all of them could watch. After that, we never had problems there.
    I mean, I am only seeing typed words there, not his face as he recounted this, but it feels totally calm, as if this sort of thing, to him, is perfectly normal, if only "unfortunate", kind of like putting down some animals who just would not behave...

    And the reason they had to come back, would because someone higher up had to okay this little... "lesson" too...

    I am not surprised or shocked by this. These are not Europeans or Canadians. These are Russian Marines. They live by very different values, that they grew up with. In ex-Soviet Union, just like in the Middle East, civilians are indeed often totally fair game in war zones, God knows I've experienced that personally...

    And, they don't really do the whole "hearts and minds" type thing over there either, aside from the nice photos of troops delivering aid to recaptured territories one occasionally sees. Mostly, Russians prefer to simply subjugate enemy civilians with fear. Always have...

    Still, though, feels weird to hear him talking so casually about killing a bunch of essentially innocents, probably, for no reason except to "teach a lesson"...
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