The separatist Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics in East Ukraine had own Victory Day celebrations and parades on May 9th, mostly, nothing new, lots of lots of troops and tanks and artillery and whatnot

But, in Donetsk specifically, they showed something else: weapons of, apparently, their own manufacture.

From high calibre rifles

and sub-machine guns

to small drones (which, based on the description on the sign next to it, can carry a "useful load", a bomb, perhaps?)

and, finally, to own missile launchers

This video shows those things launching

Seems they finally got own defence industry going, no longer need constant resupply convoys from Russia... And this is also a message at Kiev, no doubt too, where some see to be itching for another round: bring it on, motherfuckers.... Some Ukrainians keep saying, oh, our army is not like it was in 2014, they will kick your ass. What they don't get is, the separatists are also at a whole other level from '14 too. The two "Peoples Republics" are, together, better armed than plenty of NATO-member European countries... If it goes off again, it will probably be a much bigger and bloodier conflict, that will take Syria and ISIS out of the headlines...

I hope those UN peacekeepers are coming there soon, I really do.