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Thread: Life in DPR

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    Jul 2011


    Life in DPR

    Daily life in the self-proclaimed, Russia-backed "Donetsk People's Republic" in Donbass, in East Ukraine, was quite chaotic and lawless in the early days of the conflict, as I mentioned here: "Womens clothing is an invitation for harassment"

    Today, however, it has more or less normalized.

    Here is my, highly illustrated, as always, bit of coverage on it.

    Today, in Donetsk and the surrounding regions, most people have become either accustomed or, at least, resigned to this life, no longer a part of Ukraine, though not quite a part of Russia, caught in the middle, in an unending frozen conflict.

    A separatist soldier of the DPR near the front line

    A billboard in Donetsk commemorating the well known DPR commander Oleg Mamiev, aka "Mamay", originally from North Ossetia, in Northern Caucasus; who was martyred in a recent Ukrainian shelling attack on DPR positions

    Two Russian TV reporters who were with him were wounded. In a subsequent DPR retaliatory artillery and rocket barrage, half a dozen Ukrainian troops were also killed. Such skirmishes go on there day after day...

    Away from the front line, however, people are now settling back into their routines, living their lives, as anywhere else.

    Coal miners, Donbass' main industry, continue to toil in their hellish underground shafts, now working for the separatist governments of DPR and the other separatist entity - Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), continue settling new tonnage records

    The coal is now mostly sold to Russia, who either keep it for own needs, or resell it abroad, for the seps, and share the profits with them.

    People go to the movies

    They shop at the supermarkets

    or street markets

    and restaurants are also open and ready for patrons

    Yes, all the prices are in rubles. Ukrainian hryvna no longer accepted anywhere there.

    Lots of people hang out outside the railway terminal in Donetsk - apparently, that is the place with the best cell phone service, Russian number one network MTS has the best signal there, for some reason

    MTS is damn near the only provider there these days, and signals can be spotty in some areas.

    Public transport is functioning fine, here are people riding on a trolley

    For May 1st, they ran a bunch of old, historical trolley around the city too

    Continued in next post.
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    Jul 2011

    An ATM of the DPR Republican Bank, which gives out Russian rubles too; there is now a network of them around the city; I've seen rumors that the white truck convoys that regularly deliver aid from Russia to needy Donbassians (and also, allegedly, arms shipments to DPR and LPR forces), also bring in large sums of cash to refill those ATMs lol

    No wonder those grateful ladies are thanking Russia with their poster signs hehe

    Kids at a school in Donetsk celebrating DPR National Flag Day, October 25th

    The young ones are like 6 or 7. They would have been 3 or 4 when the conflict began. This generation already don't remember life under any other flag...

    Donetsk National University

    There are actually two of them now. Two DNUs. When the conflict in Donbass broke out, and the separatists took over Donetsk, the DNU broke apart: some students and professors sided with the seps, and stayed in Donetsk, at the DNU-DPR; while others, those loyal to Ukraine, went to Kramatorsk, a Ukraine-controlled city that functions as capital of the Donbass areas under their rule, where they opened their own DNU campus. To this day, there are two identically named universities. The DPR's DNU recently became part of Russia's university system and their degrees are now acceptable in Russia. Donbass is not annexed formally like Crimea, but they too are integrating, day by day...

    DPR police patrolling a park during Victory Day celebrations on May 9th

    Law and order have more or less been reestablished in DPR and LPR today, no more of that looting and rapes and mayhem of the early times that I again talked about in that post I linked to in OP. DPR police dress identically to Russian police too...

    Fire trucks of the DPR Emergency Ministry

    Also supplied by Russia.

    Russian pop star, Ruslan Tagiev, performs in Donetsk in April, for Cosmonauts Day, with his band "Gradusy"

    Girls do love him lol

    May 9th, Victory Day, famous singer Vika Tsyganova, performs and joins the Immortal Regiment in Donetsk

    Donetskians sailing their boats on the local Kalmius river

    Galaktika shopping center, one of a chain of three in DPR

    They sell various hardware, tools, gardening and construction supplies, appliances, etc. Very popular places.

    Robotic inventions on show at a recent youth festival in Donetsk

    In attendance, last pic: Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the People's Soviet (Parliament) of DPR; and Viktoria Romaniuk, DPR Minister of Social Development.

    Yeah, again, life goes on there. It's not as scary a place as often portrayed in our media, which, in turn, relies on Ukrainian media/propaganda for information...

    Truth be told, it takes tremendous efforts and resources, from Russia, to keep their life going as is. In some poorer regions, in Siberia, people have had their pensions cut, among other things, specifically to help pay for two things: integration of Crimea and continued support of Donbass. It is very, very expensive. The shit in Syria is nothing, so far, in comparison... Putin is lucky to have the population that he has, to deal with, really. Americans or Europeans would be out in the streets already, over this. Russians, however, are used to poverty and hardship, the majority, and ready to sacrifice, to help brothers and sisters in Donetsk and Lugansk. And those few who complain about it are shamed by the others around them into silence too...
    Thanks from Friday13

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