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Thread: China's 1st Carrier in sea trials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete1242 View Post
    Somehow I am not that concerned about China retrofitting just one carrier, probably because they lack the military technology to build one from scratch themselves. What is concerning is that China could use what they learned from that carrier to improve upon it, and eventually build a lot more.
    It depends on what their long term military goals are.

    They would have a very long and expensive road to compete with us and they may decide its simply not worth it.

    If I were China I think I might lean towards weaponry to take out our sea capabilities rather than competing with it.

    It all depends on what they want to do though.

    Tough to call.

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    India planning for a third carrier now that their 2nd one is nearly ready for service..

    India's Aircraft Carriers Might Just Be the Ultimate Paper Tiger | The National Interest Blog

    The Indian Navy has put out a proposal for its third aircraft carrier, tentatively titled the Vishal due to enter service in the latter 2020s. The 65,000-ton Vishal will be significantly larger than India’s sole current carrier, the Vikramaditya known formerly as the ex-Soviet Admiral Gorshkov, and the incoming second one, the domestically-built Vikrantwhich is expected to enter service later in 2018.

    To see why Vishal is a big deal for the Indian Navy, one needs only to look at her proposed air wing — some 57 fighters, more than Vikramaditya — 24 MiG-29Ks — and Vikrant‘s wing of around 30 MiG-29Ks. While below the 75+ aircraft aboard a U.S. Navy Gerald R. Ford-class supercarrier, Vishal will be a proper full-size carrier and India’s first, as the preceding two are really small-deck carriers and limited in several significant ways.
    India's 2nd aircraft carrier and first built domestically starts sea/air trials this year, the INS Vikrant..

    INS Vikramaditya is the other carrier (the 2nd carrier in pic below was the INS Viraat which was decommissioned 2017 to make room in India's budget for the new Vikrant).

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    Nuclear powered targets how green is that?

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    The US Navy has ALREADY retired several Carriers that were BIGGER, Better mor hi-tech than this. It IS a locally significant thing but....of more concern to the region than to the USN. China HAS money and technology well beyond what was so just a few decades ago.

    China HAS IMPORTED a lot of TECH from the US,Japan, etc and once you are TAUGHT the basics of Electronics,Metallurgy, Computers,industrial operations,etc etc, and HAVE the MONEY to invest, you CAN do a lot.

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