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Thread: What we are not taught about Crusades

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    Aug 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by cable2 View Post
    which has fuck all to do with the crusades, or is any battle with Islam a crusade to the anti-Muslim bigot....
    Lay off the caffeine, Francis.......
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    May 2016

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    Caffeine is a rather kind way of putting it.

    Anyhow, one thing that really ticked me off was when I came home and saw my dad watching a documentary about the Crusades.

    It included the reconquest of Spain, and nothing but negativity regarding the Christian forces.

    Muslims interviewed were the saying things as stupid as, "we owned so much of Spain because the Spaniards wanted to be Muslim. "

    The second definition of crusade in the online dictionary is " any war carried out under Papal sanction".

    But even more importantly, I have explained repeatedly what my point was in making this thread.

    I was speaking of how much good it did that Christians united to kick Muslims out of various nations.

    I wasn't saying that the Pope used the same vocabulary regarding every conflict between Muslims and Christians.

    Muslims use the word crusade to define any Western or Christian invasion of a Muslim country.

    Yet we are often not informed that so many of those countries are Muslim because of the violence that the Muslims used to conquer those Nations and rob the people of free speech, freedom of Religion, gender equality, and the brainwashing, imprisoning, or execution of those who think differently.

    I also made it clear that so many historians recite the horrible atrocities that took place hundreds of years ago (I admit. It was sick, fowl, and disgusting for Christians to do that)

    But remain silent About the fact that there are millions of people suffering over Crusades and inquisitions that are currently going on in our world . ( on a systematic massive scale. )

    It's just done using a different religion and a different vocabulary, but hideously disgusting , and in the name of God, religious intolerance , and theocratic totalitarian Government (just like the dark ages. )
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    My view on the first Crusade. Primary source: The Alexiad, Anna Komnena, daughter of Alexios I, Emperor of the Byzantine (Late Roman) Empire.

    Islamic incursions into Anatolia became a concern for the Emperor. He was fighting a war on two fronts already (Tancred in Greece, and the Bulgarians to the North IIRC), and he needed mercenaries to prosecute the war in Anatolia. He appealed to the Catholic Pope for military aid, and the call to arms went out across western Europe championed by figures such as Peter the Hermit.

    However, Alexios's bitter enemy, Tancred (a Norman) was one of the first to take up arms, and he looted Thrace and Constantinople on the way to Anatolia. The rest is common knowledge, but that is a little known story that is historically relevant.

    There were devout among the crusaders, and there were opportunistic brigands as well, so we must be careful when painting history with a wide brush.
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