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Thread: Anglo Saxon

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    Aug 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by PACE View Post
    Is that an order?
    Maybe 'Stand to Attention!' or 'Attention! mmmm maybe' ---- lol -

    take aim and maybe Fire --- maybe ----

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    It's interesting that, but for the 100 Years War, we'd almost certainly be talking French, but you couldn't really call on people to fight the foreign buggers in a language only the foreign buggers understood. After four hundred years during which the bosses spoke Latin, British had already been weakened hugely, and the revolting German mercenaries in the Eastern Provinces from the late Fifth Century on were eager to accept British people as Germans if they'd learn the language - with the result that, 'Anglo-Saxon' has, I believe, some thirty-five important grammatical differences from any other version of German, all of them reflecting British grammar. In Britannia Prima, where British mercenaries were used, British survived, but the Church used Latin, as it did in the pagan-controlled East when it returned to civilization. What we haver now is a mixed French-German language, where the physically-associated worlds come from German (or Norse), the words associated with government and education from Norman-French, and. by extension, Latin. This is why words like 'fuck' are described as 'Anglo-Saxon' and regarded as 'ignorant'. There are acceptable 'scholarly' words for all of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allegoricalfact View Post
    Why is Anglo Saxon an often banned language?

    I ask since English is the language being spoken here. Why are words which are so basic to English deemed 'unfit' within any debate? I'm not singling out PH here but as a general and accepted rule.

    I've been away from here for quite some time, so this is my first post back.

    Interesting subject: I've read through the thread a bit and you say you can't provide examples. So far I haven't found anything to verify that the Anglo-Saxon language or such words were banned, and you made mention of this forum...

    Can you elaborate on what you're talking about please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegoricalfact View Post
    What are you talking about? We could just deal with the Anglo then if you must.
    The Angles came from the same region. Immigrants!

    Here;s a poem (and a translation)

    Sitte ge, sīgewīf,
    sīgaš tō eoršan,
    nęfre ge wilde
    tō wuda fleogan,
    beō ge swā gemindige,
    mīnes gōdes,
    swā biš manna gehwilc,
    metes and ēšeles.

    (translation by Greenfield, 1996)

    Settle down, victory-women (i.e. bees),
    never be wild and fly to the woods.
    Be/bees - as mindful of my welfare,
    as is each man of border and of home.

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    Dec 2013

    Is present English the addition of different pidgins, which are the result of different interactions between the languages of the invaders and the ones of the people they ruled. It is probably why English has words coming from different origins more than French and German and was also more a language melting pot.

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