I had forgotten about this.

Yesterday, July 17th, was the anniversary of death of a remarkable man, a brilliant Russian physician, Dr. Evgeny Botkin

His father, Sergey Botkin

was also a great physician, personal doctor to the Tsar, and someone who had revolutionized Russian medicine (see Wikipedia article linked above).

Evgeny followed in his old man's footsteps. He served "with distinction", as per Wiki, on a hospital train during the Russo-Japanese War.

He tragically lost two of his sons in WWI, which made him gain a new level of respect and reverence for human life (and also made him more religious).

He later became personal physician to Russia's last Royal Family.

Dr. Botkin with Princesses Anastasia and Maria

He remained loyal to them to the very end. When Bolshevik murderers came to execute Tsar Nikolai and his wife and children, he remained at their side and was killed along with them...

In February of this year, 2016, Dr. Evgeny Botkin was canonized as St. Evgeny, the Physician, by the Russian Orthodox Church

The Royal Family themselves have been canonized by the Church as Holy Martyrs long ago, back in early 90s, after the fall of Communism

Every year on June 17th, you see massive processions, rallies, and prayer services of Orthodox believers and clerics honoring the Royal Family

Even in tiny, remote villages, the icon comes out

The Last Tsar has become much more popular today...

And yet, until recently, majority of people did not know much about the Tsar's Doctor, and that man's own incredible life and valiant final sacrifice...

It is nice to see he is being honored now in his own right