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Thread: Trump Is Ranked WORST U.S. President EVA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thx1138 View Post
    Yes indeed, not only the worst President in history by far, just a piss-poor example of a person in general!

    And look how much the GOP has come to fit the "Bizarroland" title: they have a porn star first lady, they are now against the NFL, the cries of "Lock Her UP!" are akin to a lone blackbird cawing in the middle of the night.

    They elected an "elitist" with gold leaf everything, and apparently are "okay" with Russia interfering in our election...

    ?Doomsday Clock? edges closer to Armageddon as Trump?s erratic moves raise chance of nuclear war | South China Morning Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by pragmatic View Post

    But am guessing if the question was posed "What did Obama ever do that was good for me personally" ( on this forum) there would be an abundance of responses.
    Why don’t you start a thread on that very topic?

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