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Thread: What for???

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    Quote Originally Posted by webrockk View Post
    speaking of...

    Big, crystal clear examples of fascist economics in America: Bill Clinton's National Homeownership Strategy, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare...

    Socialism and fascism are two sides of the same state collectivist coin, and leftists are enamoured with both...they love systematically commingling virtually limitless central government authority with the private sector to affect (compel) outcomes.

    Leftists don't see economic freedom as the organic driver of broad prosperity... Leftists don't see economic freedom as the most effective means to support and enhance individual rights and liberty for the most people. No, leftists look upon the Private Sector as a Beast of Burden...the creative dreamers, the skilled strivers, the entrepreneurs, the risk takers who comprise it as lowly oxen (who "didn't build that") to be whipped and cursed and lectured and scolded into delivering their increasingly heavy, wholly arbitrary and unconstitutional carts full of meritless "fairness", "equality" and "social justice".

    It's my opinion authoritarian State Collectivists...leftists... have settled more on 'creeping' fascism because they know they can't simply assume ownership of means of production. Fascism gives them the means to surreptitiously control means of production by way of mandates, profit taxes, regulation, "science" (of AGW) without all the bloodshed involved with taking over means of production. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    compelling counter. you should take your show on the road.

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