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Thread: Putin approves South Ossetia military deal

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    Jul 2011


    Putin approves South Ossetia military deal

    Putin approves army deal with Georgia's South Ossetia
    Russian president seeks to incorporate some military units of the breakaway region into the Russian army

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the government's proposal to integrate some military units of Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia into the Russian army.

    Putin instructed the Russian defence ministry to sign an agreement with South Ossetia on Moscow's behalf, according Ria Novosti and Tass news agencies, which cited information published on the government's website on Tuesday.

    The deal would allow the Russian military to recruit South Ossetian soldiers as contractors, but they would first have to be dismissed from active duty by South Ossetia, reported Tass.

    Leonid Tibilov, the de-facto leader of South Ossetia, said last year the self-declared republic would retain its army while part of its military would serve in the Russian armed forces.

    "Transfer of some units of South Ossetian Armed Forces into the Russian army is at variance with the Russian legislation, that is why additional agreements to the Treaty on Alliance and Integration between South Ossetia signed in March 2015 will specify that some South Ossetian military will be integrated into units of the Russian Federation, notably the 4th Russian military base stationed in the republic," Tibilov was quoted as saying by Tass.

    He also said it was not yet clear how many military servicemen would go into Russian units.

    The Georgian government issued a statement condemning Russia's move, saying the decision was "one more obvious step towards de-facto annexation of South Ossetia".

    "We call on the international community to assess in a proper way the so-called agreement and to demand that Russia fulfils international obligations," the statement said.

    Russia recognised South Ossetia as an independent state in 2008 after fighting a short war with Georgia.

    Georgia says it wants South Ossetia and Abkhazia, another breakaway region, back.
    Putin approves army deal with Georgia's South Ossetia | Russia News | Al Jazeera

    The SO military has so far been "independent" only on paper anyway, just look at the photo above, SO soldiers even already wear Russian uniforms lol

    My homeland, Abkhazia, has same deal in the works, Abkhazian military and police are also being gradually merged and absorbed into Russian structures. Both republics are being re-annexed, much slower and more gradually than Crimea, but, it's happening nonetheless.

    There are reasons for it too. Abkhazia is a Soviet-era tourist paradise, just like Crimea, which has lately become popular again among Russians; and the tens of thousands of ethnic Ossetians in SO want to reunite with hundreds of thousands of their kin in North Ossetia, which is already an undisputed part of Russia, and the folks in NO are equally demanding their Southern brothers be brought into the Federation, the faster the better... It's the SO government, Tibilov and others, who have been stalling things, I think. They understand that, when the merger happens, the larger North Ossetia will absorb the much smaller South, not the other way around. They are the ones who will be losing their cushy government jobs, in that case. I think they are negotiating with Moscow to ensure a still nice, prosperous future for themselves after the annexation

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    Jul 2011

    Meanwhile, in Donbass, the separatists have started exporting coal to Russia, first 95-car train was sent today; at the same time, ethys topped supplying coal to Ukraine:

    Most of Ukraine's coal mines are in Donbass (map of coal-producing regions of Ukraine below)

    and most of those are now under rebel control

    Ukraine needs coal, it fuels majority of their electrical power plants

    They have a couple nuclear plants. The one in Zaporozhye barely functions, there have been frequent shut downs of reactor blocks, people there constantly worry about another Chernobyl... There is another one, I think, in Western Ukraine, not sure what shape it is in; and they have a couple hydro plants too; but most power in Ukraine comes from coal. Millions could be left without power, or heat, also, due to a coal shortage. Unless the separatists or Russia now provide coal to Ukraine, things may get very bad for them indeed, eventually...

    Also, the separatists are, apparently, getting a major reinforcement soon. Ukrainian media are claiming, quoting their intel sources, that Russian GRU special forces are training some 6,000 Cossack fighters at a facility near Moscow, and these Cossacks are to be deployed to Donbass soon.

    Don't know what Putin is planning there now, but, apparently, once again, it will be Cossacks thrown into the meat grinder first... just like in earlier stage of the Donbass conflict, in 2014 and 15

    and other wars before.

    Cossacks... Always ready to lay down their lives for the Motherland, Russia, the new Orthodox Christian empire, New Byzantium... Like my brother, and how many others already. And God knows how many more to come...

    After all, little Cossacks are training for war even as their fathers and older brothers are fighting there


    This can go on for years and years, generations. Putin has Cossacks, Chechens, and certain fierce native Siberian tribes, at his disposal, among others; all these people who know nothing but combat, for whom to fight and die in a war is the greatest honor in life. He can just keep sending them there, to Donbass, or wherever else.

    And Ukraine has some hard people too, the ultra-nationalists, UNSO, Azov, Right Sector, who are similarly ready to fight and die...

    Donbass will not know peace for a long time to come

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