Igor Novoselov is a notorious thug from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains.

A 2013 image of him, from a dashboard camera video, threatening another driver with a gun, demanding to know, in my rough translation, "Who you honking at, bitch?" has become an internet meme in Russia

Window stickers were made based on it too

But that was just one example of his infamous behavior. According to locals, this Igor and a crew of young men who associated with him have terrorized that entire neighborhood, Pionerka, for years now. Among other things, reportedly after the proprietor had earlier refused him service, Novoselov and his gang, last year, rode into a local bar on motorcycles (and I mean they rode inside on fucking bikes), smashed the place up, and beat the hell out of a staff member who confronted them.

Before that, in 2015, Novoselov allegedly beat up and robbed a taxi driver named Igor Volkov

He apparently held a knife to Volkov's throat, actually cutting him.

For that, he was finally arrested, at his girlfriend's home

And... They then let him go. Not enough evidence or something.

The scumbag was set free, and continued wrecking havoc upon that poor neighborhood. Volkov, the taxi driver, claims Novoselov's friends followed him home on occasion and threatened him, for trying to bring charges on Novoselov.

Finally, this year, the piece of shit was rearrested and actually put on trial for a number of assaults, robberies, and other crimes

Today, he was sentenced: 2 years, in a regular penal colony, no harsh regime (maximum security) or anything like that. On good behavior, he will probably be out in just a year.

And the bar employee he or one of his buddies beat with a baseball bat was left with disabilities for life, btw!

Russian justice can be harsh, to enemies of the government. But to regular criminal scum, it can be shockingly soft...