Kyrgyzstan faced threats from foreign powers to remove a U.S. military facility on its territory or potentially face a missile strike against it, the country’s President Almazbek Atambayev said Monday.

“I will not hide that some countries warned us that they are ready, should it be the case that it is necessary, to conduct a missile strike on the U.S. air base deployed on our territory,” Atambayev said at a press conference in his country’s north.
Russia Military Ally Ditched U.S. Base After Missile Strike Threat

Yeah, "some countries" lol

And thus, back in 2014, the US had to leave ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan: U.S. vacates base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises | Reuters

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan will likely get a second Russian base instead, in the South of the country: TASS: Military & Defense - Kyrgyz president notes Russia could get another base at southern border

That's Putin, reestablishing Russian power in Central Asia.