Ukraine has dismantled the main fiber optic communication lines connecting it to Crimea, Kryminform reports with reference to a competent source.

“Really, Ukraine has dismantled the infrastructure of the main fiber optic communication lines on the border with Crimea,” the source said.

According to Ivan Zima, general director of Miranda Media, one of the major internet providers in the Crimea, no internet traffic is currently coming to the peninsula from Ukrainian territory.

“We cannot confirm the fact of the dismantling. We can only state the fact that since Wednesday, July 12, traffic has not been coming from Ukraine’s side,” he said.

Dmitry Polonsky, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government, Minister of Internal Policy, Information and Communication, said that the peninsula is part of united communications infrastructure with Russia and is “absolutely independent” of Ukraine.

“We have a primary and a reserve channel of communication through the Kerch Strait, and so we are completely indifferent to what Ukraine does with its own fiber optic communication lines,” he said.
Media: Ukraine dismantles fiber optic lines to Crimea

If it was, in fact, Ukraine, who did it (plenty of Ukrainian commentators online are convinced the Russians themselves severed the connection, which is also perfectly plausible), than they are idiots. They just removed pretty much the only remaining source of independent/pro-Kiev information on the Peninsula. Now, it will be all Russian propaganda there. Ukraine will have essentially no more voice. Sure, they can still try broadcasting by satellite, the ATR, the banned pro-Ukraine Crimean Tatar TV channel does satellite broadcasts from Kiev now, for example. But, satellite equipment is expensive; and I heard Russian security agents in Crimea can and do confiscate people's dishes for watching banned channels. It was much harder for them to control the web. Now, that is taken away too...