In recent days, the forces of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic have made two reported advances against Ukrainian government forces.

Today's advance was at village of Vodyanoe, near the town of Kominternovo, in Novoazovsk region, on the Southern front line:

In last two days, Ivan Nosach, an elite sniper of Ukrainian special forces, was reported killed in that area by an enemy DPR (or Russian) sniper

Previously, separatist forces were able to breach Ukrainian positions near Krasnogorovka, further North, on June 21st, where several Ukrainian troops were killed, and an officer reportedly captured with sensitive documents. Ukrainians claim the seps suffered own big casualties, but they always say that, to save face

Another interesting photo from Donetsk, hours ago, Zakhar Prilepin at a movie theater, accompanied by a heavily armed bodyguard

Prilepin is a Russian writer, pretty famous, and former officer, veteran of the Chechen Wars; he went to Donbass last year and formed his own militia within the DPR. He was a member of the radical National Bolshevik Party in Russia for many years, however, his new militia is not affiliated with the NBPs own armed unit in Donbass. He is an important figure in Donbass now, an advisor to Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR leader himself.