Sergey Aksyonov was a relatively obscure pro-Russian activist leader in Crimea before the 2014 takeover by Russia, after which Putin made him Governor there

In fact, originally, he was nothing but a gangster, a figure in the local mob, going by the nickname "Goblin" lol

A man named Sergey Borodkin, shown below sitting to right of Aksyonov, was his second in command in the mob, and now is his most trusted advisor (and head of his personal security) as Governor

As Governor, Mr. Aksyonov has followed a typical pattern in modern Russia: monopolize the local economy in the hands of your family and closest friends.

Thus, his wife, Elena

owns now the company "Monolit-Plyus", which controls most construction on the Peninsula.

Elena Aksyonova, in partnership with Sergey Borodkin, as well as her father in law Valery Aksyonov

also control ALL the biggest, most important real estate companies in Crimea.

Aside from just one, called "Parus".

Which is owned by 23 year old Kristina Aksyonova

Yep, the very hot First Daughter hehe

Among Kristina's holdings through "Parus", is the "Ocean", a mall in Simferopol, the Crimean capital

The place (or, rather, a back room area in there) served as base of operations and HQ for Aksyonov's pro-Russian militant group during the Crisis in 2014, before Russian troops moved in. But he and his mob buddies controlled that place long before, since the 90s, collecting "protection" fees from all the merchants doing business in there.

Meanwhile, Lyudmila Dobrynia, a member of the regional legislative council and Sergey Aksyonov's mother in law

founded the company "Specialized Ritual Services"

Believe it or not, she has monopolized the bloody funeral industry, of all things lol There was one other company that dared try to outbid her. Long story short, that company seized to exist not long after...

And all this is just a tip of the iceberg too. There are other people also involved. Sergey and Elena also have a son, Oleg, now about 20

who will likely soon get his portion of the family business.

There is also Evgenya Dobrynia, Elena's younger sister, Kristina's aunt, also a member of the regional legislature, head of the Land and Property Committee, of all things

It is said she helps Kristina, young and inexperienced as the girl is, to manage her "Parus" assets lol

And such an arrangement is typical of Russian regions... Putin demands only one thing: total loyalty to himself as the Tsar in Moscow.

In turn, you can run your region as you wish, as your clan fiefdom. A feudal society in the 21st century. No joke...