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Thread: Second female candidate against Putin?

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    Jul 2011


    Second female candidate against Putin?

    First, Ksenia Sobchak: Dear God...


    Yekaterina Gordon, a 37-year-old journalist and singer-songwriter with her own law firm, on Monday announced she would be putting herself forward as a candidate for presidential elections in March 2018.

    The announcement comes less than two weeks after celebrity Ksenia Sobchak placed her presidential bid, in a controversial move which critics say is meant to energize an otherwise largely predictable 2018 vote. Though he has not yet announced his candidacy, President Vladimir Putin is widely expected to run — and win.

    Gordon, who is not affiliated with any political party, will need to collect 300,000 signatures in order to register as an independent candidate.

    “I am not a representative of glamour, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” Gordon said in the announcement video in an apparent dig at Sobchak’s status.

    Gordon earlier made headlines for getting involved in a heated verbal altercation with Sobchak during a 2008 radio interview.

    Claiming that she “will likely be the only candidate who wasn’t approved by the Presidential Administration,” Gordon criticized both pro- and anti-Kremlin politicians for pursuing ulterior motives.

    She touted her five years of experience defending women’s and children’s rights through her law firm that specializes in family law as the motivation for her pro-woman platform.

    “I know how our judicial system works in practice,” Gordon stressed. “We are a country of single mothers whom no one cares about.”

    Curiously, her campaign website address, “” (Gordon for Women), uses the pejorative Russian word for “women” (baba).
    Russian Journalist Yekaterina Gordon Announces She'll Run for President in March 2018

    lol "Baba" is indeed not the most polite way to refer to a woman in Russia. Kind of like "broad" in English. But, women there often use the word in own conversations. I guess you can say they've internalized it or whatever...

    Anyway, Katya Gordon

    She was married from 2000 to 2006 to Aleksandr Gordon, a famous Russian TV personality

    Still carries his name. Her birth name is Prokofieva.

    In July 2011, she married the celebrity lawyer Sergey Zhorin

    Interestingly enough, they apparently fell in love just as he was representing a man, some producer, who was suing Katya for defamation of character, for calling him a pedophile on TV lol

    Anyway, in September of same year, the couple split up.

    Katya, at the time, appeared in a video interview, showing bruises on her face, and revealed that Sergey had beat her all the time at home

    After their divorce, Katya gave birth to their son, Daniil

    The little one, Serafim, was born just this year, and Katya has so far refused to reveal who the father is.

    She and Zhorin actually attempted to get back together after Daniil was born, even wed all over again; but the relationship fell appart again, rumors are not only can he get violent especially when drunk; but he cheated on her too, including with the figure skater Marina Anisina

    who he is still representing in her ongoing divorce battle with Russian-Ukrainian rock star Nikita Dzhigurda

    Dzhigurda has openly accused Zhorin of trying to steal his wife for himself, and they last year even got into a fist fight outside a courthouse in Moscow...

    Anyway, it's because of this experience with Zhorin that Katya became an advocate for women.

    What she did, publicly discussing and denouncing her ex-husband's abuse, was revolutionary in Russia. In Russian culture, family life is highly private. It is total taboo to "take the rubbish out of the house", as a famous saying goes there. As a result, millions of women suffer secretly, silently, enduring emotional, physical, sexual abuse at home for years, without seeking help, without even telling anyone... They learn to rationalize it. "If he hits me, it means he cares about me", is an ancient and still very popular saying among Russian women...

    Even among famous women.

    The beautiful singer Zhasmin, for example, nobody knew how savagely her husband beat her, until she ended up in hospital with serious brain injury in 2006

    Katya Gordon was the first to speak out, openly... She became an inspiration for many women.

    I do hope Putin lets her participate in the election. It would make things much more interesting, for sure.

    Maybe she and Ksenia would tear into each other again

    hehe Them two genuinely dislike one another...

    Neither would be much of a threat to Putin, he has a very solid backing.

    I really hope he doesn't block her.

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    shes good lookin. much rather look at her all day than putin.
    Thanks from The Man

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT Greenbean View Post
    shes good lookin. much rather look at her all day than putin.
    Can't disagree with you there

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