In Agalatovo District of St. Petersburg, there is a housing complex, owned by the Russian military, officers and their families live there.

The building management apparently owes 31 million rubles (about $516,000) in unpaid heating bills.

So, the municipal company "Agalatovo-Servis", who are in charge of these things there, decided, finally, to shut off their heating till they pay. And did so. But the residents found a way to locally turn it back on somehow, illegally.

So, Agalatovo-Servis sent their people to cut off their heating pipe entirely, to prevent them from accessing it until they pay their debts.

But, apparently, the building manager complained to the military base commander.

When the Agalatovo-Servis team arrived, the area was surrounded by armed troops

The soldiers would not let them in to do their work.

The matter will now be resolved in the courts.

I first saw this story just now, this morning, on a Russian forum. It is dividing people. Some say the municipal services company are bastards, would leave officer's families, their kids, without heating in winter, over some unpaid bills? Serves them right, thsy say. Others, though, ask if that's how it is in Russia now: if you have armed men on your side, no more need to pay bills and follow rules? In other words, are the military, and other armed entities, like the FSB and the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia), above the law now, officially? Good questions...

One guy wondered if the soldiers would have used deadly force if the municipal techs tried to go past them anyway. As soneone answered: "I doubt they would shoot. But nobody likes being pounded on their head with the stock of an AK "

Fact is, municipal utilities companies are widely disliked, if not despised, in Russian society, seen as people without moral values, who line their pockets on the backs of poor citizens. So, they ain't getting much sympathy in this case...

But, they don't consider the whole greater implications. It is indeed very inappropriate for any armed services to behave this way IMHO

Russia just has always been ruled through brute force, used to it, so, don't see the problem...