Crazy. Just reading about the sentencing today in Moscow of members of a vicious neo Nazi gang, including a young woman named Elena Lobachyova, 25

They preyed on Central Asian migrant workers, as well as homeless people and just folks they, for example, saw drinking in public, which they felt disgraced the Russian people as a race. Victims were swarmed, beaten, and stabbed with knives.

They were convicted of 14 homicides

But, authorities believe there are many more victims who survived attacks and were left with serious injuries. Possibly, there are also other dead victims they do not yet know about as well.

Leader of the gang, Pavel Voitov, with Lobachyova, with whom he was romantically involved

and with another gang member

The gang was active since 2014. Thank God they've been stopped.

This is the kind of scum Russian AntiFA is waging brutal street wars against. And I fully support them in this. Animals like this murdered my best friend...