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Thread: Zyuganov enters the race

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    Jul 2011


    Zyuganov enters the race

    Gennady Zyuganov, the long-time leader of the Communist Party has announced he will run for president in elections in March next year.

    Zyuganov’s announcement on the state-funded Channel One came as Russia marked the centenary of the October Revolution.

    This will be Zyuganov’s fifth run for president since 1996. The last campaign was in 2012, when Zyuganov won 17.2 percent of the vote. The Communist Party has about 160,000 members, 40 percent of whom are under 35.

    President Vladimir Putin is widely expected to run for his fourth presidential term and win, though he has not officially announced his candidacy.

    Zyuganov is likely to compete for second place with the veteran leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

    Alexei Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, continues to run a nationwide campaign, even though he is barred from running due to a criminal conviction which he claims is politically motivated.

    Also running are socialite and former reality-TV host Ksenia Sobchak, singer-songwriter and socialite Yekaterina Gordon, porn actress Yelena Berkova, Anfisa Chekhov, TV host and model, Yelena Semerikova, the head of the Women's Dialogue party, and Samson Sholademi, an African-Russian blogger and businessman.
    Russian Communist Party Leader Zyuganov Announces Presidency Bid

    He has also essentially threatened violent unrest by Communist supporters, against any attempt to remove Lenin's corpse from the Red Square Mausoleum: Communist Leader Zyuganov Warns There Will Be Riots If Talk of Reburying Lenin Continues

    Crazy old bastard...

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    Jul 2011

    lol Now he backtracks: Communist Party Leader Zyuganov Says He’s Not Running for President (Yet)

    He wants to run. But he knows many of the Party's support base don't want him to. They want someone new, younger, with fresh ideas

    We shall see what happens.

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    lol Now, I get why Comrade Zyuganov is so worried...

    Apparently, among his opponents in the Election, potentially, will be Maxim Suraikin, the leader of the Communists of Russia party, CPRF's main Commie rival

    Suraikin used to be a Duma member with the CPRF

    But he grew disillusioned with their ageing leadership, including Zyuganov himself.

    So, by 2012, left the Party and formed his own Communist movement, the Communists of Russia. They participated in the Bolotnaya Square protests back then, among other things.

    He enjoys what Zyuganov and CPRF dream of: youth appeal

    CPRF rallies mostly bring together pensioners

    CR events tend to draw much younger crowds

    And these ain't moderates, btw, on the contrary.

    Their official motto, in the words of Comrade Suraikin himself, on the wall in the photo below: "Bring back CCCP!"

    Period. Nuff said lol

    Here is Suraikin laying flowers to Stalin's grave at the Kremlin wall, in March, on anniversary of his death

    He keeps a beard, these days. Somehow, makes him look even more revolutionary.

    Igor Strelkov, although he is a far right ultranationalist, technically, also has ties to the CR, here he is, speaking at their party convention

    CPRF is actually still currently suing CR (they are fighting multiple appeals against each other), demanding an exclusive right for CPRF to call themselves "Communist", to be the only entity in Russia to do so (and thus for CR to either agree to be absorbed by CPRF or shut down and cease to exist as a party). Obviously, CR is fighting this tooth and fucking nail...

    And Suraikin has openly said, in the next year's Election, he is not running against Putin, but against Zyuganov. His ultimate goal, is not to beat Putin (which is impossible, anyway), but to grab more votes than Zyuganov, thus destroying the latter's legitimacy as the leader of all Russian Communists.

    And, crazily enough, I am actually rooting for Zyuganov. Because this Suraikin is much, much scarier than jolly old Zyuga. Again, thus is a man who wants to fully bring back the USSR, among other things, who worships Stalin, who thinks Putin has not gone far enough in taking back lands from Ukraine, etc.

    Not a guy, in other words, whom I, personally, want gaining MORE influence in Russia...

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