December 21st episode of Ivan Urgant's evening show on Russian TV, watch the opening scene

Urgant is Russia's Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel or whatever. In this episode, he had Kristina Asmus and Anna Khilkevich, two famous Russian actresses, appear on the show. And, in the opening scene, they pretend to accuse his ridiculous sidekick, Dmitry Khrustalev, or simply Mitya, of sexually harrassing them ("domogatelstvo" is what sexual harassment is called in Russian, though Asmus mistakenly calls it "domoganie", which means like "illness", before Khilkevich corrects her; not sure what was the point of that little dialogue, I suppose to say that women are stupid like that, can't even say the word correctly?)

Basically, they are mocking the Weinstein scandal and all that shit going on in Hollywood.

Because, I guess, in Russia, the idea that men shouldn't harass women is funny...