The lady is Elena Shmeleva, on the right there, heads the "Sirius" special education centre for gifted children in Sochi, which Putin had visited in 2016

Shmeleva also headed the "initiative group" which officially nominated Putin back in December.

Sergey Kogogin, at Putin's left, is CEO of KAMAZ, Russia's biggest truck maker

which also manufactures armoured vehicles for the military, like the "Typhoon"

And the older fella is Dr. Sergey Rumyantsev

He heads the National Centre for Childhood Oncology, Hematology, and Immunology, which Putin had also visited previously

Basically, they help kids with cancer and such, from all over the country and all over the ex-USSR.

Kogogin will be responsible for all financial issues; Rumyantsev - for communications with "trusted persons" around the nation; and Shmeleva - for media and online PR. "Trusted persons" are people officially registered before an election in Russia, as leading supporters of a candidate, who organise broader public support for his campaign in various regions. A list of 264 such "trusted persons" (all famous celebrities, politicians, and business figures, naturally) has already been prepared for Putin.

The campaign's press secretary, working closely with Madam Shmeleva, will be the journalist and filmmaker Andrei Kondrashov

He is renowned in Russia for his 2015 semi-documentary propaganda movie glorifying the return of Crimea

The campaign also features lots of young volunteers

If nothing else, it is probably and attempt to show that Navalny does not have such an overwhelming support among youth lol

Critics already writing online how ridiculous and cynical it is to feature a teacher and a doctor in the campaign like this, given the way Putin and his government have been pillaging both education and medicine in Russia, to pay for military adventures in Ukraine and Syria and such...

While Kogogin, as a major industrial oligarch, simply represents those 100 or so families, which control all of Russia and all her wealth, under Putin's reign...