At a patriotic concert in Sevastopol today, as Crimea starts to celebrate her fourth year of reunification with Russia

After he finishes his speech, the male host (who is Aleksandr Marshal, btw, a very famous Russian singer) says, "We all know who we will vote for, yes?"

Putin is visiting Crimea just before the Election, among other things, he inspected the massive new bridge, longest in Europe reportedly, being constructed to link Crimea to mainland Russia

The automobile road segment of the bridge was to open by end of 2018, and the railway part - next year. But, they've been working extra hard, 24 hours in three shifts, total overdrive, to get it done ahead of schedule. Today, Putin said he wants people to be able to drive to Crimea by the summer vacation season; and Arkady Rotenberg, whom you can see in back on the right in the photo, behind Putin, short fella in orange jacket, one of two oligarch brothers (who know Putin since youth, they were in Judo martial arts school together) in charge of the project, later promised they will open the car bridge by May 9th, Victory Day: With Days to Go Until Election, Putin Visits Crimea

Russia's Putin, in home straight of election campaign, visits Crimea

He also checked out the huge new airport terminal being built in Simferopol, the Crimean capital