Few remember today, but, before the Commie Revolution, Russia, like all the Western countries, had their own Scout movement, their own Boy and Girl Scout organizations and everything

The Bolsheviks/Communists later created own youth organization, the Pioneers


In the very early days after the Revolution, when the Commies did not have strong, countrywide power yet, but the Pioneer groups already existed, alongside the remnants of the Scouts, there was a huge, and often violent rivalry between these groups, essentially the kids fighting their own civil war, "Red" Pioneers vs. "White" pro-monarchist, pro-Western Scouts... In fact, I read one book about those times, it seemed very similar to the youth street gangs of today. Each controlling certain streets in their towns. Fighting, in some cases even to death, for their colors, and everything...

After USSR fell apart, after '91, throughout the liberal, democratic 90s, there really weren't any serious organized youth groups in Russia. There were kids summer camps, of course, run often by various big state-controlled companies or ministries for children of their employees, plenty of them using the facilities of old Soviet Pioneer camps; but these were simply vacation places for kids in summer, they had no ideology or anything. There were also some small, private new Scout groups established, but that too never really took off back then.

All changed, again, under Putin, who has, once more, made "patriotic upbringing" a priority, and group who teach/brainwash nationalism and militarism into kids began to get government grants and such.

First, the new Communist Party of Russian federation (CPRF), essentially the modern reincarnation of the CPSU, and still number two block in the Duma, the parliament, over there, quickly reestablished the Pioneers as their new youth wing

and then, few years ago, basically as a counterweight to the Commie Pioneers, the Orthodox Church established own, religious youth organization: the so-called "Orthodox Scouts" (except they do not use the word "Scouts", which is foreign, Western, and unpatriotic, and would turn off many nationalistic parents, in today's climate; they are called "Sledopyty", a Russian word that essentially means the same thing, Scout or Pathfinder)

They are actually, I would say, kind of a mix of old Scout and Pioneer philosophies:

They do not segregate by gender, like Scout groups in the West, no Boy and Girl units, they are all together

Just like in the Pioneers.

They wear ribbon ties in the colors of the Russian flag (or, sometimes, as visible in first pic above, yellow ones, the color of the Orthodox Church), and greet each other with three raised fingers

They are expected to do good deeds for their community, such as visit hospitals and bring gifts to sick people and to the doctors and nurses too

They also devote a lot of themselves to religion, including studying Ancient Slavic, the old proto-language in which all the Russian Orthodox prayers and scriptures are written

And their motto is "Vsegda gotov!" ("Always ready!", to serve and defend the Motherland, that is). Same as the old Pioneers (and the new CPRF Pioneers).

As you can imagine, kids in this organization are NOT taught to see, for example, homosexuals as even fellow human beings, let alone as persons worthy of equal rights...

On top of these two groups, you also have Yunarmia ("Youth Army"), curated by the Ministry of Defense, where kids are not only indoctrinated, but given military training

I just read an article today, from a human rights activist in Crimea, about how all these groups are super active there, with support of the Russian government, recruiting the hell out of the youth there, to brainwash them to hate Ukraine, and the West; and erase any sort of separate identity they may have had, from Russia. Assimilate them completely. All a part of Putin's cementing of his rule over Crimea, through the generations of the future.

Of course, the Ukrainians who are indignant about this are fucking hypocrites, since their own nationalist groups do the same thing

All of it is disgusting, to me.

Children should be left alone. Let them have their bloody normal childhoods...