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Thread: Crimea's new airport

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    Crimea's new airport

    Hundreds local university students and other volunteers are testing today the new airport terminal built in Simferopol, which is to be officially opened days from now, on April 16th.

    The volunteers are testing all the services at the airport, registering for flights, baggage handling, etc.

    The new airport is to be able to serve 3,650 passengers per hour, and 6.5 million per year (up by about a million from current average):

    It will also feature own taxi dispatch service:

    Lots of Russians very happy about that. Sick of all the illegal "bomber" cabs around all the airports and rail terminals in that part of the world, ripping people off. Only in Moscow it's been cleaned up, relatively, everywhere else, same old crap. But not in Crimea, anymore, it seems

    Also, they are laying asphalt already on the main arch of the highway section of the great bridge from Crimea to the Russian mainland

    It's been promised that Russians will be able to drive to Crimea (without having to pass through now hated Ukraine) by May 9th, Victory Day. The rail section is to open by end of this or early next year.

    And these are just two huge projects being completed there.

    New power-plants also to be launched soon, in Sevastopol and Simferopol

    with the illegally smuggled Siemens turbines, yes lmao

    This will finally give Crimea total energy independence from Ukraine.

    New hotels rising up too

    Putin, one must give him credit, is developing the hell out of that place. Much, much more being done there in four years than the Ukrainians did in 23...
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    Crimea's Governor Sergey Aksyonov (at right) and the director of the Simferopol airport Evgeny Plaksin meet Svetlana Kovrizhina and her daughter Agata, arriving from Ufa, Bashkortiostan, the official first passengers at the new terminal today

    The new airport will feature luggage packing machines

    Another big issue at many Russian airports, aside from the illegal cabs, all these shady people bugging passengers, offering to help pack baggage for cash...

    Domodedovo airport, Moscow, November 2016, ugly scenes, as security guards remove illegal baggage packers from the terminal

    Yeah, it's a problem... Won't be in Simferopol, though, it seems.

    Passengers also got to meet the new airport's mascot, a border collie named Alisa

    She was gifted to the airport by the construction company who built the terminal.

    There are also interactive talking robots who can help passengers with directions and such

    And, today, for the opening, there were lots of performers in crazy sci-fi costumes to add to the futuristic atmosphere


    Great show. Re-acquisition of Crimea looking like a success, gotta give them that...

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