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Thread: Assad's kids vacationed in Crimea

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    Jul 2011


    Assad's kids vacationed in Crimea

    The Syrian president has revealed that his children had a holiday last year at Artek, a famous Russian-run youth camp on the Black Sea.

    Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma have two sons - Hafez (16) and Karim (13) - and a daughter, Zein (14).

    Artek symbolised communist values in Soviet times and remains a popular resort. It lies in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014.

    Russia's military support for Mr Assad has revived strong Soviet-era ties.

    "My children were at Artek last year. After that trip they had a better understanding of Russia," Mr Assad said, according to Russian MP Dmitry Sablin, who met him in Damascus on Sunday.

    The meeting with Russian MPs took place soon after Western missile strikes on Syrian state targets, as Western governments blamed Mr Assad's forces for an alleged chemical weapons attack.

    Artek's director Alexei Kasprzhak told BBC Russian that he did not know about the Assad children's arrival at the camp.

    "The children who come to us don't always give their mothers' and fathers' names," he said.

    But the Assad name caused a stir at the camp, he explained, "and it turned out that it really was them [the Assad children]", he said.

    They were among 44 Syrian children who had holidays at Artek last year, under a scheme provided for the children of Russian military personnel.

    Russian warplanes have pounded rebel forces in Syria since Moscow intervened in September 2015, enabling Mr Assad's troops to recapture much lost ground.

    Syria's ambassador to Moscow, Riad Haddad, said a year ago that Mr Assad's children were learning Russian, and that it was now the main foreign language studied in Syrian schools.

    He also said many Syrian parents were now naming their boys "Putin" in honour of the Russian president.
    Russian-controlled Crimea's Artek youth camp hosted Assad children - BBC News

    Artek is a huge place, a whole town, really

    It has own police station, with heavily armed officers manning checkpoints and patrolling the premises, children's security being paramount over there of course, as well as own firehouse and medical center

    Even its own postal office


    It has tons of activities,

    even own small cruise boat to take the kids on trips around Crimea's beautiful coasts

    and not only a great space museum, but they get video links with cosmonauts on board the ISS!

    There is also a "Young Detectives" program, run by people from the SKR (Russia's answer to FBI), where kids learn how to investigate and solve crimes

    Artek also has its own school, because it functions year round, and parents do not want kids visiting during school session months missing classes

    Subjects are HARD there. They got, like in last photo, professorial types teaching shit like "structure of the atom".

    Girl filmed her trip to Artek:

    She was in some kind of group focused on media and animation studies. In the video, she meets Aleksandr Oleshko, a famous Russian (originally from Moldova) singer, TV presenter, and huge entertainment personality. Yes, actual celebrities teach some courses there! Insane. No wonder kids DREAM to go there...

    But Artek is not for average kids. Your parents can't just buy you a ticket here. You must win one. Every region in Russia gets a certain number of these "invitations" and they are distributed among lucky kids based on their grade averages and additional extraordinary achievements, be it in academics, athletics, etc. Basically, any kid who goes to Artek is special, by definition... Many there can even be considered "gifted".

    Kids come not only from all over Russia, but other ex-Soviet republics, and other allied nations, such as this group from Mongolia

    Syrians too, sure. Including maybe Assad's kids, why not. They may or may not be special, but, when your daddy is an allied dictator, you don't really need to be, I think they will give you an exception haha

    I wrote plenty about it here too, with photos of the dorms and such too: My dream summer camp reopens

    For comparison, here is what Artek was like in the 60s, a crown jewel of the Soviet Communist Youth Pioneer movement:

    My dad was there way back then, as a teenager lol

    Place really did go to shit under Ukraine. It was in ruins, much of it, when the Russians took it back in 2014, it was really sad to see. Since then, they poured in hundreds of millions of dollars to bring it back to former glory and the some... Putin promised, at the time, to Russian parents, that, your kids will have a chance to got to the Artek that you all dreamt of in your Soviet youth. And, he certainly kept that promise...

    A lot has been built in Crimea since 2014. New airport just opened today, and the bridge and other stuff: Crimea's new airport

    The Ukrainians can cry about it, but, they sure as hell never developed this place, the way Russia is doing now...
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    Jul 2011

    News that Russia hosted the teenage children of Bashar al-Assad at a lavishly-rebuilt Black Sea summer camp in Crimea last year has given a rare glimpse into the personal lives of the Syrian president's family and his close relationship to Moscow.

    Nestled on the Crimean coast since 1925, the Artek Seaside camp served for decades as an elite summer holiday resort for children of those favored by the Soviet Communist Party and foreign delegations invited from its satellite states.

    Russia has given the camp a $180 million renovation since seizing the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Guests stay in newly-built dormitories by the sea.

    That Assad's sons Hafez and Karim and daughter Zein had stayed there last year with a group of other Syrian children was made public only this week, when a Russian lawmaker on a delegation to Damascus said Assad had mentioned it.

    Alexei Kasprzhak, the resort's director, told Reuters he learned of the children's identities only after they arrived last year. The three children were given no special treatment, joining the regular programme with the other Syrian children in their group, he said.

    If any of the other Syrian children had any issues with being at camp with the president's kids, "it passed quickly and didn't create any problems for us and therefore we didn't have to resolve them, thank God," Kasprzhak told Reuters.

    A source close to the camp's management who spoke on condition of anonymity said the president's children "didn't stick out at all" during their three-week stay.

    "They also attended all the events organized in the camp, they went to the evening campfire like everyone else, so it is not the case that they lived in some kind of special premises or slept on special pillows."

    The choice of destination shows how close Assad's personal ties with Russia have become since Moscow entered the Syrian conflict in September 2015, turning the tide in his favor. Now in its eighth year, the war has killed more than 500,000 people.

    The Seaside camp, 12 km (7.5 miles) from the Crimean city of Yalta, is the oldest of a network of 10 Artek camps run by the Education Ministry. During the Soviet era, winning a place there for a summer was a valued prize both for Soviet children and for visitors from countries in Moscow's orbit.

    In 2015, a year after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, the Russian government launched a five-year programme to revamp it. As of last June over 11 billion roubles ($180.71 million) had been spent on renovations, the RIA news agency reported.

    Records published on the state procurement site show that 9.2 billion roubles worth of tenders to develop the resort were awarded to Stroygazmontazh, a construction firm on U.S. and European sanctions blacklists, owned by Arkady Rotenberg, a former judo sparring partner of president Vladimir Putin.
    At Soviet-Era Youth Camp in Crimea, Assad's Children 'Didn't Stick Out'

    Same Rotenberg who been building the bridge too lol

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    Jul 2011

    I think I found a photo of one of Assad's sons at Artek last year

    He certainly looks a lot like Bashar. But, not sure.

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