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Thread: Openly gay oppositioner to run for Mayor of Moscow

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    Jan 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man View Post
    Thanks. Never heard that word before lol

    Well, @BitterPill, if you mean how long till Putin gets "defenestrated", I fear that's a loooooooooooooong way ahead... He is secure in power right now. Got at least 6 more years in office as is. He recently SAID he won't seek another term. But that's likely bs.

    I still think he is gonna die in the Kremlin. Either natural causes, or someone will finally assassinate him, as has happened to plenty of despots over there. Maybe someone would "defenestrate" him from one of the wall towers. That would be fun to see on TV lol

    But he ain't leaving alive, for sure...
    Maybe he'll die in Kremlin and join Lenin side-by side
    Thanks from The Man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkman View Post
    Maybe he'll die in Kremlin and join Lenin side-by side
    Nah. I think they'll get rid of that damn Mausoleum soon enough... Just waiting for the last of the oldest Soviet generations to die off.

    Even Putin doesn't like that thing, I believe, that's why he doesn't observe parades off the roof of it, the way all the Soviet rulers used to

    Although, Red Square WOULD look different without it...

    Most people are so used to it being there, it would probably be weird, at least at first...

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