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Thread: Russians prefer TV to sex. Seriosuly???

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    Jul 2011


    Russians prefer TV to sex. Seriosuly???

    More Russians enjoy watching television than having sex, according to a recent independent Levada Center survey.

    Twelve percent of all polled Russians said “making love” gives them the greatest pleasure, placing the activity behind hunting, walking in the woods and thirteen other activities. Respondents were given the option of choosing multiple answers out of more than two dozen activities.

    Watching television ranked at the top of the hedonistic hierarchy, at 34 percent, beating out earning money, caring for children and eating.

    Russia’s 18-to-29 demographic, which prefers listening to music and spending time with loved ones the most, likes to have sex (24 percent) almost as much as watching television (25 percent).

    Respondents in the low- and middle-income bracket far and away enjoy television more than doing other things, in contrast to higher earners, who say they enjoy traveling the most (34 percent). Those who earn the least also do not enjoy sex as much, with their 8 percent lagging behind 10 percent for average earners and 17 percent for those who earn the most.

    The same trend is observed when broken down by education level. Almost half of those with a primary education told Levada that watching television gives them the most pleasure, followed by 38 percent of those with a middle school education, and 26 percent with a higher education.

    At 13 percent, the higher-educated said sex was more pleasurable, in contrast to 10 percent for middle school-educated and 9 percent for poorly-educated Russians.

    The poll was conducted among 1,600 respondents in 52 Russian regions between April 20 and April 24.
    Russians Prefer Watching TV to Sex, Poll Says

    Ok, I get people who list hunting above sex there.

    Hunting in Russia is much more than just shooting some poor wildlife, it is a treasured social activity for men; you get together with your buddies, out in the woods, with your rifles, with lots of alcohol, yes, this is Russia, after all lol

    Like in America men go play golf or something; and over there, men go hunting together

    And lately, the women began to get into it

    there is lots of resistance to this by men, who feel that the females have no place there, in the forest; but they go anyway, there is a national Women Hunters Association now, they have their own all-female clubs and lodges and such

    Yeah, hunting is very popular there. Perhaps, yes, even more so than sex haha

    But, TV??? What, the daily spewing of "news'/propaganda? The idiotic comedy shows? The game shows, mostly crap too? Most of it rip-offs of American and other Western shows? Some actually prefer it to fucking? Really? Jesus... Makes sense that it's more prevalent among the less educated, at least...
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    Jan 2016

    If humans are going to go extinct from not fucking, we're going to damn well take as many of the higher animals with us as we can!!
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    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by BigLeRoy View Post
    If humans are going to go extinct from not fucking, we're going to damn well take as many of the higher animals with us as we can!!
    Might as well reduce life on Earth back to bacteria levels, where it all began lol

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