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Thread: Crazy monarchist vandalized painting

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    Crazy monarchist vandalized painting

    On Friday evening at the Tretyakov Gallery just five minutes before closing time, a man dashed past a group of gallery guards doing a last walk-through of the museum, ran into the empty hall of works by Ilya Repin, and used a metal stanchion to bash the painting “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan 16 November 1581.”

    The painting, which depicts the dramatic scene of the horrified tsar cradling his dying son after striking him over the head, is encased in glass for climate control. The assailant broke through the glass and, according to a report of the Tretyakov Gallery, ripped the canvas in three places, doing serious damage to the work.

    The announcement noted, however, that “by good fortune the most valuable aspects — the hands and faces of the tsar and tsarevich — were not damaged.”

    The alleged assailant was a 37-year-old man from Voronezh, who, as reported by TV Center and other Russian media, wanted to destroy the painting because it distorted historical facts. "Ivan the Terrible did not kill his son," he was quoted as saying by Snob.

    Repin’s painting has long been a source of controversy. Painted in 1885 under the reign of Alexander III, the painting was banned from display during that tsar’s lifetime.

    More recently, in 2013 a group of Orthodox Christian activists, Svyataya Rus, headed by Vasily Boiko-Veliky, wrote a letter to the Tretyakov Gallery demanding that the painting be removed from view. “Not only adults go to the Tretyakov Gallery, but children, too, and they see this absolutely reprehensible painting by Repin. Ivan the Terrible never killed his sons. In fact, he never even thought about it,” Boiko-Veliky was quoted in Snob.

    The alleged assailant has been charged under Article 243 of the Criminal Code, for the “destruction or damage to objects of the cultural heritage.”

    The painting was removed from the hall and taken to the restoration section of the museum.
    Attack on Repin Painting in Tretyakov Gallery

    The painting

    The vandal, who was captured by security at the gallery, and remains in police custody

    There is a subsection of the Russian far right, Orthodox hardliners, neo-Tsarists, who hate that painting, and any other bad depictions of Ivan.

    In truth, he was one of the most brutal Tsars. Alleged murders of own sons (and wives) aside, he created the Oprichniki, a terrifying secret police, the original KGB, pretty much, who served as his personal bodyguards, and were free to arrest, torture, and kill anybody they felt threatened the Tsar and his reign

    It truly was one of the darkest periods in Russian history. Perhaps the bloodiest, until Stalin...

    At the same time, Ivan did grow the hell out of the Empire, conquered lots of new territory for Russia, such as Kazan and all the Tatar territories

    And he began the taking of Siberia too.

    He was also a crazy Orthodox Christian fanatic, who genuinely believed he was the earthly reincarnation of Archangel Michael. Part of why he drove the expansion of the Empire, was to convert or kill as many non-Christian heathens, such as Tatars, as he could...

    And this is why these people, the modern Orthodox far right, rever him, and are putting up new monuments to him now

    And vandalizing priceless art is a-ok, of course... I just read, for example, on a RT Russian language article on this, in the comment board, one of these people railing in support of the vandal, that Repin, the artist, was a traitor, a puppet of the West, pouring dirt on the memory of a great Tsar for European money; and that this painting should have been got rid of long ago.

    They are insane, these people...

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    Jul 2011

    The painting was subjected to vandalism for the first time in 1913, when Abram Balashov, a mentally ill man, cut it with a knife in three places. Repin himself participated then in the restoration of the painting, the gallery said in its statement.
    Repin's Ivan The Terrible Painting Damaged By Vandal

    Crazies then, crazies now...

    I am reading it may take between several months and several years (!), and cost at least half a million rubles, to restore the painting...

    Lots of bizarre and dark events connected to this painting...

    For example, Vsevolod Garshin

    a Russian writer who posed for Repin for this work, as Ivan's dead son, committed suicide soon after. He was just 33...

    Lots of such stories surrounding it. Some even say it might be cursed... That's another reason some people hate it so much...

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