Aleksandr Vyskrebentsev, regional minister of finance (now former) of Russia's Saratov region

About a week ago, police there pulled over a car being driven by a good looking yet clearly intoxicated blond woman

Asleep in the back seat, was a man who looked a hell of a lot like the esteemed minister

And the woman, of course, is NOT his wife. And, he, naturally, refused to explain who she is or why she is driving his car

As we now know, however, she has a fairly prominent position in the municipal administration of the city of Saratov. Whether that is where the minister met her through his own work; or if he was the one who got her the job in return for the... other favors, you know lol is, thus far, unclear. The latter is more likely though...


At the time, media simply said that it was a man "of a remarkable resemblance" to the minister. Hours ago, however, there were announcements that Vyskrebentsev has now resigned from his post lmao

What a country...