There are reports in Russian media, though can't find anything in English yet, that FIFA supposedly "banned" the famous Russian rocker Yulia Chicherina

from performing at a WC fan festival in Rostov during the tournament:

Chicherina, these days, at least (wasn't at all like this when she was young and I was listening to her in school in early 2000s...) is a nationalist firebrand.

She was deeply involved in Putin's recent "reelection" campaign

She is also a passionate supporter of the breakaway republics in Donbass, and has been there many times.

Here, with separatist fighters

Singing for Battalion Sparta (elite unit of the Donetsk People's Republic), on the front lines

Also in Donetsk, last year, with Zakhar Prilepin, a well known Russian writer and Chechen wars vet, who went to Donbass and formed his own militia within DPR to help fight Ukraine

Taking pics with locals at that same visit

Recently performing for DPR troops at a base, with some local singer from Donetsk, part of a whole tour of separatist military units she did, in May

DPR leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko gave her a certificate last year, for helping maintain the morale of his forces

while the other rebel republic, Lugansk People's Republic, LPR, issued her their passport, which she is showing off here, while rolling into Lugansk for a visit with Putin's biker club, the Night Wolves

Even aside from all her recent ballads about heroic defenders of Donbass (she just released a new album "My Sparta", all about Donbass), most of her music these days is about war and proud sons of Russia vanquishing her enemies and whatnot.

Which, again, is nuts, to me, because, in my time, she was a young punk singer of the Avril Lavigne type, screaming off the stage about how her head was gonna blow up, as one song went, because some young lad didn't like her or something lmao Damn, but people sure change...

But, anyway, I can understand FIFA wanting to keep her away from the fan zones. There is more than enough controversy around this Russian World Cup as is, God knows... Not to mention her warlike lyrics could easily whip up some local hooligans and other young guys to go confront the Brits and other Westerners... Not someone to book to welcome foreigners to Russia lol

But, explicitly banning her like this, in her own country... Oh, boy. She is already pissed off about it online, on her social media. She may well take this as a challenge... Go perform in Rostov anyway, somewhere NEAR the FIFA venue. And trash them there, while she is at it... One hopes the government would not let her, as Putin & Co actually DO want the World Cup to go as smoothly and humanly possible, of course hehe But, we shall see...