The second proposal comes from the ethnic Greek community on the occupied Ukrainian peninsula. It has called for going back to the tsarist-era term for the region and calling Crimea again the Tauride, thus eliminating “Crimea” as a problem by eliminating the name – or at least creating confusion ( and

Nomenclature matters, and one perhaps can even sympathize with the tiny Greek minority on the peninsula for wanting to have a name more closely associated with themselves and their history than “Crimea” does. But there are two far-reaching consequences if this proposal gains any traction.

On the one hand, it would dramatically undercut the position of the Crimean Tatars, for whom the Crimea is their unique national homeland. Indeed, some in Moscow and the West would likely view the Greek proposal as a way of denying that the Crimean Tatars have any rights to national self-determination.

And on the other – and far more seriously – it would open the way for more Russian aggression. Those who are ready to accept the notion of going back to “Tauride” as a name for the peninsula may not know or have forgotten that in tsarist times, the Tauride included not just Crimea but a large part of the south of what the Putin regime has referred to as Novorossiya.
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Ignore the charged language, it is an article by some biased pro-Ukraine Westerner... Only one in English I could find, so far. Will look for something a tad more balanced later, maybe, as this develops. The other "proposal", mentioned there is from Trump, btw: Trump says Crimea is Russian

But, to get to our topic here, basically, this proposal comes from a dude named Ivan Shonus, a Crimean politician, member of the regional legislature, and also recognized as the leader of the local Greek community, the head of the "Taurida" Greek Association of Crimea

Highly pro-Putin guy

But, most Crimean Greeks support Putin and Russian rule, actually, and there is a reason for this.

While under Ukraine rule, Kiev mainly backed the more numerous, Muslim Tatars, as a counterweight to the Russian population, with Russian rule, returned the (traditional for when Crimea was ever under Russia) preference for fellow Orthodox Greeks, not just fellow but those Russian Orthodoxy originated from, after all, at ancient Khersones, which I talk about in the other thread I linked above (one about Trump)

The Russians have been very generous to the Greeks.

The Ministry of Culture has given grand funding to their community o celebrate their holidays and put up festivals and such

Shonus with a Greek Orthodox monk at such a festival

A new Greek newspaper is now published in Crimea

Greek language is being taught in schools again (while all Ukrainian schools have been closed, btw)

A new monument was also put up in Sevastopol, honoring the Helenic Regiment, ethnic Greek troops who fought for Russia in the Crimean War

Basically, Crimea's Greek heritage and the Greek community themselves are being elevated, under Russia, and like it, understandably; as do I, if for no other reason than some of the Greek girls are damn nice looking lol

Now, they want to not necessarily rename Crimea, but add "Taurida" to "Crimea" or "Krym" in Russian. It would be "Respublika Krym-Tavrida".

It's not unprecedented. North Ossetia in Caucasus added "Alania" to their name, by popular demand, a way for the local ethnic group to reflect their Iranian Persian heritage. And Yakutia in Siberia added "Sakha", the name of the dominant local indigenous people.

We shall see what happens here.