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Thread: Ukraine Prosecutor blasts Jews

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    Jul 2011


    Ukraine Prosecutor blasts Jews

    In an extensive interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Insider, Anatoliy Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor, espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in which he implied that Jews want to drown ethnic Slavs in blood.

    Referring to Alexander Parvus, a Belarussian-born Marxist theoretician who was active in Germany’s Social Democratic Party in the late 19th century, and who also happened to be Jewish, Matios claimed that Jews can be found financing all great conflicts.

    “In each war, there is always a Parvus, who brought Lenin money for a revolution which flooded Slavs with blood for decades. Parvus was also Jewish. In this case, they want to do the same to Ukraine,” Matios told the Insider.

    The interview touched on a wide variety of topics, including politics in Ukraine and an ongoing investigation into the alleged plot to assassinate Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who recently staged his own death with the assistance of Ukraine’s security forces. But it was also a sharp reminder of the anti-Semitism and racism that persist in Ukraine’s public discourse.

    According a report published annually by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine doubled in 2017. The report was criticized by some members of Ukraine’s Jewish community, who claimed that the research methods used to draft the list were not sufficiently rigorous. Some critics also said that the incidents were exaggerated by people linked to Russia, in order to promote the Kremlin-backed narrative that the Ukrainian government in Kien was not only nationalist, but above all racist and fascist.

    Nevertheless, a recent report published by the think tank Freedom House found that far-right extremists are becoming more active in the country. Last month, a Holocaust memorial and a famous rabbi's tomb were attacked and supporters of far-right groups marched across the country spraypainting swastikas and other Nazi symbols.

    The comments by Matios come at a time when Ukraine is also seeing a wave of violence against the country’s Roma minority. A vicious attack on June 23 left one Roma man dead. The attack was reportedly the sixth attack on a Roma settlement in Ukraine over the past two months. Police arrested several suspects who are believed to have links to far-right groups.

    Experts say it is important that Ukraine’s officials take an active role in combating racism and anti-Semitism.

    “In general, the Ukrainian government acts to defend minorities from physical attack. Yet there is also considerable ignorance and racism among some in society and in the state,” Adrian Karatnycky, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who focuses on Ukraine and Eastern Europe, told Newsweek. “The proliferation of vigilantism which extends well beyond the far right is a problem that needs to be tackled with resolve. Only Ukraine's democratically accountable state institutions can engage in enforcing the law. And violations must be firmly punished.”

    Matios has been Ukraine's chief military prosecutor since 2014, when Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine began an armed conflict in the country. Since taking up that role, he has called for all Ukranians to be armed for self protection and called attention to the high rate of suicide among Ukrainian service members fighting separatists in the country's Donbas region.
    Jews Want to Drown Ukraine in Blood, Ukraine's Military Prosecutor Says Amid Wave of Racist and Anti-Semitic Attacks


    Some previous recent incidents:
    Ukrainian general calls for destruction of Jews
    Ukrainian mayor and diplomat caught engaging in anti-Semitic rhetoric
    Ukraine strips assets, medals from Jewish singer who backed Putin

    Anti-Semitism in Ukraine goes back centuries. This famous novel mentions Ukrainian Cossacks two hundred or so years ago raiding Jewish communities:

    During WWII, Ukrainians on Nazi-controlled territories, especially Western Ukrainians, widely collaborated and participated in the Holocaust

    Here is as account of an uprising at Sobibor death camp in Poland:

    Disorganized groups of prisoners ran in every direction. Ada Lichtman, a survivor of the escape recalls: "Suddenly we heard shots... Mines started to explode. Riot and confusion prevailed, everything was thundering around. The doors of the workshop were opened, and everyone rushed through... We ran out of the workshop. All around were the bodies of the dead and wounded." Pechersky was able to successfully escape into the woods. At the end of the uprising, 11 German SS personnel and an unknown number of Ukrainian[16][17][18][19][20] guards were killed.[17] Out of approximately 550 Jewish prisoners at the Sobibor death camp, 130 chose not to participate in the uprising and remained in the camp; about 80 were killed during the escape either by machine gun fire from watchtowers, or while getting through a mine field in the camp's outer perimeter; 170 more were recaptured by the Nazis during large-scale searches. All who remained in the camp or caught after the escape were executed. 53 Sobibor escapees survived the war.[5] Within days after the uprising, the SS chief Heinrich Himmler ordered the camp closed, dismantled and planted with trees.

    A Ukrainian former death camp guard found and convicted in old age:

    Also read about these guys:

    Don't get me wrong, Russians collaborated too. Many of them. Whole fucking army, under General Vlasov. But those ones fought as soldiers, at the front lines. They never lowered themselves to guarding prisoners at the camps.

    Anyhow, also I wrote extensively about the anti-Roma violence here: Roma pogroms in Ukraine

    I even agree that it's not exactly the Ukrainian government itself behind this. Their current Prime Minister IS, in fact, of Jewish lineage himself:

    But, the Ukrainian government is either unwilling or unable or both, to check the spread of far right nationalist radical groups in their country.

    Again, Russia has that shit too.

    The difference is, these days, if they try to march through Moscow, throwing around their Zig Hail right hand salutes, the security forces put them down, beat them down, hard

    while in Kiev, guys like that own the fucking streets

    Even the Simon Wiesenthal Center has called them out, last year: NAZI HUNTER CALLS FOR LEGAL ACTION OVER ANTISEMITIC KIEV MARCH

    I just want you guys to understand who our Western governments have been supporting over there. Nobody says Putin is a good guy. But neither are the folks in Kiev.

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    Mar 2013

    Yeah, remind me not to go to Ukraine anytime soon. (Not that I was planning to anyway.)
    Thanks from The Man

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    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jeffrey View Post
    Yeah, remind me not to go to Ukraine anytime soon. (Not that I was planning to anyway.)
    It always cracks me up, when the Ukrainian authorities threaten to impose Persona Non Grata on foreigners who visit the now Russian Crimea without their bloody permission.

    I recall there was an Italian delegation not long ago, at the annual Yalta Economic Forum

    At the press conference, one of the Russian reporters was being funny, said, you guys know, the Ukrainians will put you on their black list now. And one of the Italians was like "Why the hell would we ever want to go to Ukraine?!"

    Indeed... That's like, may as well go visit Somalia while you are at it haha

    Sad really... Used to be a decent country, Ukraine...
    Thanks from Ian Jeffrey

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