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Thread: Cop FINED for abetting brutality

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    Cop FINED for abetting brutality

    A policeman in St. Petersburg was fined nearly $800 for failing to report on his partner’s fatal beating of a suspect while in police custody.

    Russia has long faced criticism for its use of brutal force by police, an issue that human rights groups argue is unquantifiable because there is no law explicitly criminalizing torture by police authorities. Almost a quarter of Russians surveyed by the human rights group Public Verdict and Moscow's Metodicheskaya Laboratoriya last year said they witnessed or experienced beatings by police.

    On Tuesday, a court in St. Petersburg found Officer Artyom Blyzhkov guilty of abuse of powers and fined him 50,000 rubles ($790), the court system reported on its Telegram channel.

    Blyzhkov’s failure to report his colleague for beating a suspect to death in August 2017 constituted a neglect of his professional duties, the court said in a public filing.

    Blyzhkov was fired in May 2018, according to the St. Petersburg-based news website. Blyzhkov’s partner, identified in court records only by his last name, Anfilatov, is scheduled to be tried on July 12.

    The court censured Blyzhkov for not stepping in: “Pursuing personal interest by concealing the criminal acts out of a sense of solidarity and friendly intentions, [Blyzhkov] didn’t take measures to stop the crime.”
    Russian Cop Fined for Covering Up Fatal Beating in Custody

    Truthfully, this is a big, long time issue in Russian law enforcement, mistreatment of people in custody...

    In popular police culture there, using force to extract confessions from detained suspects is still perfectly acceptable, all the way up to actual torture

    Even Russian TV cop dramas present torture and brutalizing of detainees as a kind of necessary evil, because, you know, they only do it to bad people:

    In this case, in the above video, yes, it's not nice to beat a guy in his jail cell and choke him with a plastic bag over his head. But, you see, he is a part of a dangerous satanic cult, which has murdered people, and will do so again, if these wonderful detectives do not find and stop them soon. So, that makes it ok, you see...

    I've read horrific stories. Electric shocking, to genitals, etc. Nails and teeth torn out. Broken fingers. Etc, etc...

    And the worst most cops get for this, the worst punishment, if ever, is losing their job. Very, very few have ever actually gone to prison for it. If they are convicted, it is usually a conditional release and fines.

    And they get fired, obviously. And then, plenty get jobs as security guards in supermarkets and such.

    And then, people accused, falsely or not, of shoplifting and whatnot, get beat the shit out of, like this fellow

    And everyone wonders why...

    Fun fact: something like at least 9 in 10 criminal convictions in Russia are the result of confessions. How many of those are extracted by force is anyone's guess... Suffice to say, a LOT of innocent folks in prisons there...
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