WTF is provincial Russia turning into...

This happened in June, but, I just came across it. This is Saratov, a decent-sized (840,000 people) city on the Volga river; a downtown mall.

Couple guys, some local video bloggers, apparently, went there, to investigate reports of crime issues; apparently first encountering this kid in a store, whose photo they took is now viral

This pipsqueek tells them, "This is our territory. Stop filming here, or you'll have problems." Can you believe this shit? he's like fucking 10 or something lmao

They ask what the hell he is talking about, whose "territory", but, he wouldn't say, and then vanishes.

But, they later come across more aggressive groups of youth, some wearing masks

some flashing gang signs at them

Long story short, they had to run out of that mall, for own safety. Mall security, it seems, were themselves scared of these kids; while the cops took their sweet time to come, and only lazily talked to them after the fact.

Interestingly, I see both Slavic and ethnic minority kids there. This is the new kind of youth gang I wrote about before, which does not divide by ethnicity. The A.U.E.:
How ISIS is trying to recruit young Americans

Seems they are everywhere now, countrywide, in every bad neighborhood, and every impoverished industrial town. They were said to "run" entire schools in many places, shaking down other kids for money. And now, it seems, they've started taking over malls too...

I saw comments from locals that, apparently, these youths hang out at that mall all damn day, and they collect the "protection tax" from all the merchants there, for the grown up mob.

They even identified their leader there, one Yuri Stroganov, the tall dude in checkered shirt, you can see him here, with one of his masked little henchmen, as they chased the poor bloggers into a store, with some security guards trying to protect them

Crazy. I mean, even the recruiting of young kids to do dirty work for you, that's always been against the Ponyatia, the Understandings, the moral code the Russian mafia has followed for many years. But, it seems the new generation no longer gives a fuck even about the Ponyatia...

There's kids now doing murder over there for this AUE shit... On each other, and on other people. All kinds of violent crime. All to make a name for themselves, and rise in their new hierarchy. Some places are in fucking lawlessness now. Putin keeps saying, to people demanding change, you want back to the 90s, when there were mobsters doing drive bys and blowing up each other's cars in broad daylight? But, you know, even in the 90s, they didn't use fucking kids like this. This is fucked up. On all kinds of levels.