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Thread: lol 'Sausage Man'

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    lol 'Sausage Man'

    Eight months after Russia's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, John Warren told a geographical-society conference in Moscow that he would use his culinary travel show on Russia's national NTV network to help Russians "see their country."

    "I will do my part," Warren, a British citizen who made a name for himself in Moscow producing craft sausages for local expatriates, told the November 2014 conference that included President Vladimir Putin, who praised Warren's Russian as "completely without an accent."

    But taking his viewers to Crimea, whose annexation by Russia in 2014 triggered international sanctions targeting Moscow, has now cost Warren future visits to Ukraine, where he says he has traveled frequently in recent months.

    WATCH: A Crimea edition of the food program Let's Go, Let's Eat (in Russian, no English subtitles)

    A spokesman for Ukraine's border service said on Facebook this week that Warren is barred from entering Ukraine for visiting the Black Sea peninsula, one of scores of such bans Kyiv has handed down in recent years against officials, entertainers, journalists, and others over their travels to Crimea.

    Oleh Slobodyan said in the July 10 post that Warren was stopped at Kyiv's Boryspil Airport that day and found to have previously violated Ukrainian laws on entering and exiting Crimea, which Russia annexed after sending in troops and holding a referendum deemed by 100 UN members to be illegitimate.

    Warren, who says he was flying from Kyiv to London when he was stopped at passport control, "has also been barred from entering Ukraine for three years," Slobodyan wrote.
    Much more: British 'Sausage Man' Earns Ukrainian Entry Ban Over Crimea Visit

    lol I love that guy, love his show...

    He travels all over Russia, exploring various local cultures, and, more importantly, cuisines.

    Warren has dined in a chum (animal skin nomad tent dwelling) with a native family in Chukotka, in Far North

    Dined on raw whale meat, btw. No joke, he actually ate that stuff, on camera, I saw that episode

    He ate the world's biggest fish egg sandwich in Magadan, I believe (somewhere on the Pacific Coast, anyway)

    Late last year, he was in my also disputed homeland, Abkhazia, trying out local homemade dishes

    and wines from a family winery

    My favorite moment in that one, was when he told the lady, "Wow, I've tried Georgian wine before, in Moscow, and your Abkhaz wines taste nothing at all like that!" And she, almost indignant, "I would certainly hope not!" That old hate is still there, oh yeah...

    Anyway, yeah, he been all over the place

    [IMG]*QM6gHH744YA LiBlJQ3iCow7JqjI[/IMG]

    lmao Awesome show. His funny accent when he speaks Russian only makes it better.

    Had no idea he was in the sausage business before though haha Wow...

    As to Ukraine, they are only hurting themselves, with their sore loser crap IMHO
    Thanks from Madeline

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    Mr. Man,

    That's what my last girlfriend used to call me...

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