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Thread: We lost

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    We lost

    Officials: There 'aren't enough troops' to fix problems in Iraq

    In a nutshell... we lost that war. ~Inkster

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    That cant be right! I thought it was-

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    Well if by 'Mission Accomplished' you mean combat operations with intent of removal of Baathish regime in the state of Iraq - then yes. I presume thats what it meant.

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    He said- "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

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    They have.

    What we have now is sustained security operations.

    Security is a factor in Combat Operations, and combat is a factor in Security operations.

    What I am saying is that President Bush was not lying or wrong when he said that, it's just interpretation.

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    we lost?

    well is it the "war in iraq" or the "war on terror"? because i don't think anyone will give a damn after awhile:
    if our president doesn't know his head from his ass, pretty much anything from him can be taken as shit.

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    What we have now is sustained security operations.
    And yet the death toll continues to rise.

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    Bush made no such admission, and neither has his administration. Read the article.

    The article is highly suspect for a few reasons. I write news, and this would never make it. Why? First, it has no attribution. This means it does not identify any source of information, so it has no credibillity. The source could have been some quack that says he knows what is happening from the inside, but really does not. Second, it has a great deal of opinion. In opinion columns and tabloids, that is fine. In news, it can be dangerous. It can cause people to THINK something is official when it is only the reporter's opinion.

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    If we are in security operations,pull out the troops and send in security guards they only get minumum wage plus no benefits,we will save billions

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