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  1. cpicturetaker12

    Drunken OK man playing with his new gun fires 30rounds--hits a baby crib 1/2 mi away!

    Gotta love those law abiding sensible gun owners. Mommy thought the messed up rung of the baby's crib was from the baby teething. You know, you just can't make this shit up. Oklahoma man drunkenly fires off 30 rounds from newly purchased gun — and hits baby’s crib a half mile away TRAVIS...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Case you missed it: 1/2 PR's restored power by WhiteFish contractor went down AGAIN

    Things were running pretty fast on FRI so I didn't post this and haven't seen it. So the itty bitty contractor from WHITE FISH, MT who got a $300mil. contract put up some lines or restored some lines in their short life as the Puerto Rico energy 'restorer'. One of it's fixes failed on FRI...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    MARCH jobs, 98,000 added, 1/2 of anticipated growth.

    Job Growth Loses Steam as U.S. Adds 98,000 in March By NELSON D. SCHWARTZAPRIL 7, 2017 Continue reading the main storyShare This Pag Continue reading the main story’ Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics \ Job growth turned in a disappointing showing in March, according to data released...
  4. meridian5455

    Two Democrat run cities account for nearly 1/2 of the increase in murders nationwide

    The 2015 year in crime was marked by a sharp rise in murder rates in many U.S. cities, including those touched by high-profile incidents between police and citizens, such as Baltimore and Chicago. But the rate of crime overall in America’s largest cities declined in 2015 (as of Dec. 23) compared...
  5. BoiseBo

    Clarkston Georgia is now over 1/2 immigrants

    Population in Clarkston, GA is now over 1/2 immigrants This 2 minute story will restore your faith in humanity, and help you to ignore our *resident xeno/Islamophobes. *Must viewing for them i might add. :) Refugee community in Georgia town thrives - CNN Video
  6. BDBoop

    @ShoutYourAbortion: This is What a 22 1/2 Week Abortion Looks Like

    http://www.xojane.com/issues/shoutyourabortion-late-term-abortion-22-weeks This is the true face of late-term abortion. Not the lies 'pro-lifers' want you to buy into. As #shoutyourabortion trends on social media, encouraging women to shed their shame over having chosen abortion, I have my own...
  7. GordonGecko

    1/2 of Floridians want Bush, Rubio To Drop Out Of The GOP Primary Race--

    Poll: Half of Floridians say Bush, Rubio should drop out | TheHill DAYYYYYY-UM.....that's harsh. Not that they'll likely do it, atleast not Jebbers. If Bush and Rubio dropped out?....and Trump fades or implodes, the Republican Party would only have John Kasich to run as a sane...
  8. Goofball

    Obama can't fill 1/2 of 10,000 seat venue at campaign stop.

    No report yet of anyone fainting at the sight of Obama. The White House Press Pool Noticed Something Conspicuous at Obama?s Campaign Stop in Pennsylvania | TheBlaze.com ETA: I guess I should have called it a 5,000 seat venue since they blocked off half of it before it started. Actually, he...
  9. angryamerican

    20 simple New Testament questions that noone gets more then 1/2 correct.

    Being born a United Methodist I really thought I knew at least 75% of the correct answers. I was wrong. post your results and don't give hints. correct answers are given after every answer you give. GOOD LUCK. http://exchristian.net/3/
  10. Oscar99

    Consumer Confidence at 4 1/2 year high!!!!

    US consumer confidence at highest in 4½ years - Yahoo! News Obama's policies are working!!!! America is coming back baby!!!!
  11. B

    As of today, 1/2 of the Union has early voting going on

    The graphic shows it fairly easily: Graphic source: Absentee and Early Voting The immediate ramifications are clear: early voting is usually much more helpful to the guy who is ahead at that time, for those voters cannot change their minds - say, if they hear something in the debates that...
  12. Inkslinger

    Obama's not a 1/2 breed

    He's ALL Republican! Obama seeks power to merge federal agencies to save moneyPressing Republicans on one of their own issues, Obama says it is time for an "effective, lean government."
  13. Stefan Bandera

    GOP Debate # 12 HUNDRED 37 AND 1/2

    Duplicate mods please delete Anyone watch tonight's debate/ I am watching on my LAPtOP for the first time I feel to Hi Techy !!!! Anyone see Herman Pizza and Ricardo Perry go at it on 9 9 9
  14. michaelr

    House cuts workweek to 2 1/2 days

    House cuts workweek to 2 1/2 days Hell this is not bad news, I would be happier if they ended the illegal occupations and toss free trade and took a pay cut first, but that wont happen so I can only take solace in the fact that they wont be there to continue to fuck things up...Now if we can...
  15. D

    Scooter Gets 2 1/2 years and quarte mil fine.

    Enjoy prison felon. FRESH MEAT!
  16. D

    who wee the 1/2 half hour news hour!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=half+hour+news+hour Just wacth a couple of these clips of the show appearing on FOX. Hilarious, or Offensive?