1. Minotaur

    Update us on the Ohio 12th Special Election if you are following it

    I know it is close so if anyone hears more on that election it will be interesting. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. R

    The date June 12th.

    Reagan delivers his "tear down this wall" speech in 1987. The date of the US/NK summit 2018.
  3. Bourne

    Obama ranked as 12th best President

    Best, Worst Presidents: C-SPAN Survey Has Barack Obama at 12 | Time.com Regards, Bourne
  4. johnflesh

    August's Perseid Meteor Shower - Aug 12th

    Cosmic Log - Make the most of the meteors So who is going to be checking out the meteor shower this evening?
  5. michaelr

    September 12th, 2009 - Will you be there.

    September 12th, 2009 - Will you be there. Why we must March on WashingtonA must read..... I am sure the libs will hate this, but no matter. We all need to come together and put and end to the greatest collapse in the history of this country. We must stand united against mega-corps...
  6. C

    Breaking: Justice Scalia resubmits Obama case for conference Dec 12th. Another look??

    Justice Scalia resubmits case about Obamas eligibility for conference Dec 12th. This case is a better on the the original Donofrio Case. The Wrotnowski Supreme Court application was prepared by Leo Donofrio, Esq. and is centered on the same issue from Donofrio’s case which was discussed by the...
  7. M

    12th bank failure of the year announced

    12th bank failure of the year announced Another giant falls, and the governments media dead quit. I have noticed a trend, I call it the 11,000 point hump. It goes like this, the market will be inflated a couple few hundred points, then slide toward 11,000 points, then an influx, This is all...