1. bajisima

    Massachusetts governor signs bill raising min wage to $15

    Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) on Thursday signed a bill that will progressively increase the state minimum wage to $15 per hour. The bill will increase Massachusetts' minimum wage from $11 an hour to $15 by 2023 — a wage increase similar to California's. California's minimum wage of $15...
  2. Darkman

    Egypt moves $15 billion closer to Israel

    Egypt moves $15 billion closer to Israel The Electronic Intifada (blog)-8 hours ago Slowly, surely and increasingly openly, Abdulfattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian president, is moving his country closer to Israel. This week, it was a $15 billion gas deal that will see Delek, an Israeli company...
  3. D

    RNC is using a 'slush fund' to pay Trump's former bodyguard $15,000 per month for 'co

    RNC is using a 'slush fund' to pay Trump's former bodyguard $15,000 per month for 'consulting' By Jen Hayden ==================================================== That is most interesting news! Why is the RNC doing that one needs to ask? That's a lot of money to be paying out.
  4. D

    Senate Republicans pass $1.5 trillion tax overhaul bill, marking major victory for Tr

    Trump says people will be 'very, very happy' with Republicans' tax overhaul - ABC News By ALI ROGIN and David Caplan ==================================================== That was shameful for Republicans to hold a vote at the last minute and not allow Democrats to fully read the bill...
  5. N

    Emails show Seattle mayor worked to undermine $15 minimum wage study

    Emails show Seattle mayor worked to undermine $15 minimum wage study Emails between the Seattle mayor's office and an economist at the University of California, Berkeley show that the mayor's staff tried to deliberately undermine a University of Washington study showing that the city's $15...
  6. Goofball

    OwlGore's $15 TRILLION carbon tax scheme.

    I wonder how much will end up in his pocket. A fool's errand: Al Gore's $15 trillion carbon tax
  7. Spookycolt

    Target Retailer Hits $15 Billion Loss Since Pro-Transgender Announcement

    It seems Target made a serious business mistake by this announcement last year. "Everyone deserves to feel like they belong," the post said. "And you'll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target." Target Retailer Hits $15 Billion Loss Since Pro-Transgender Announcement -...
  8. Madeline

    BLM & Fight For $15 Plan Nationwide Protest For April 4th

    Black Lives Matter joining forces with minimum wage activists for nationwide protests - Chicago Tribune What great kids we have in this country. I am so proud of them. Dunno yet whether this will also happen in Cleveland. If you care, or want to know whether your city has such an event...
  9. meridian5455

    Fight for $15 protest McDonalds in Times Square - What's wrong with this picture?

    Hundreds of raucous protesters, including striking Verizon employees, converged on a McDonald's restaurant in Times Square Thursday demanding a $15-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers. McDonald's workers rally in Times Square for $15 minimum wage - Apr. 14, 2016 While most...
  10. libertariat720

    Gov. Brown Admits $15 Minimum Wage Does Not Make Economic Sense, Approves It Anyway

    Gov. Brown Admits $15 Minimum Wage Does Not Make Economic Sense, Approves It Anyway - Hit & Run : Reason.com Jerry Brown: Bullshit. Heaven Help California?s Non-Urban Cities Under a $15 Minimum Wage - Hit & Run : Reason.com Cut of some lyrics from a 1979 song referencing Jerry Brown...
  11. L

    Skeptics Said $15 Minimum Wage Movement Was Unrealistic — 60 Million People Are Now S

    THE PUNDITS said it would never happen. But both California and New York on Monday implemented legislation that moves them toward a tiered minimum wage of $15 an hour, covering 60 million Americans. The hikes come as a direct result of organizing by thousands of people in the union-backed...
  12. meridian5455

    Craigslist ad offers protesters $15 to crash Trump rally

    Craigslist Ad: Get Paid $15 an Hour to Protest at a Trump Rally | Fox News Insider
  13. meridian5455

    Beware the Consequences of a $15 Minimum Wage

    As most of you probably know, I operate a chain of fast-casual restaurants in New York City called Kobeyaki, which feature Japanese "rolls, bowls, burgers & buns." We employ 45 people in three locations and more than 80 percent of them are hourly--which puts me right smack in the middle of the...
  14. meridian5455

    And fast food workers wonder why they don't get paid $15 an hour................

    SANDUSKY, Ohio - A Taco Bell employee in Sandusky has been fired after a picture showing him with his hands down his pants started going viral. Austin Velliquette posted the photo to Facebook on Sunday with the caption, “Sandusky Taco bell for ya. I think I'll go somewhere else, thanks.”...
  15. aboutenough

    Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage, as other cities follow suit

    Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law is supposed to lift workers out of poverty and move them off public assistance. But there may be a hitch in the plan. Evidence is surfacing that some workers are asking their bosses for fewer hours as their wages rise – in a bid to keep overall income down so they...
  16. mrmike

    $15 min wage? Not so fast..Lib hypocrisy arrives!

    Go figure... seems to be the norm with those morons L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers Labor leaders, who were among the strongest supporters of the citywide minimum wage increase approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council, are advocating...
  17. timslash

    Seattle eateries closing as $15 minimum wage approaches

    Seattle eateries closing as $15 minimum wage approaches « Hot Air Last summer we talked about the rather faint hopes that some Seattle businesses were clinging to as the city moved toward jacking up their minimum wage (for some jobs) to $15.00 per hour. Employers – particularly in the...
  18. meridian5455

    Obamacare: Taxpayers in the Hole for $1.5 Trillion

    “What the hell is this, a joke?” Speaker of the House John Boehner said in reaction to news this week that yet another “deadline” in the Affordable Care Act had been unilaterally delayed by the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes, and it’s becoming...
  19. meridian5455

    Man sues McDonald’s for $1.5 million over napkin incident

    McDonalds -- Man Sues for $1.5 MILLION ... They Only Gave Me One Napkin | TMZ.com :drama:
  20. Meursault

    $15 minimum wage in Washington

    Airline corporations have filled a lawsuit to stop the law. Go figure. Washington city votes to raise minimum wage to $15 - Nov. 6, 2013 Recount confirms: SeaTac voters pass $15 minimum wage - Strange Bedfellows ? Politics News