1. ptif219

    DNC reports worst April of fundraising since 2009

    The democrat party is falling apart. Keep attacking Trump and watch the destruction of the democrats DNC reports worst April of fundraising since 2009
  2. BigLeRoy

    Consumer Confidence Rose SHARPLY After Obama's Election In 2009

    I would make this point in a different thread but am, alas, not allowed to. A certain poster in that other thread made the false claim that consumer confidence in America plummeted after the election of Barack Obama. Such falsehoods MUST be exposed, if truth is to have ANY meaning anymore...
  3. bajisima

    Congress has the highest approval rating since 2009

    Congressional job approval jumped to 28% this month from 19% in January. This is the largest month-to-month increase since a 12-percentage-point rise between January 2009, when former President Barack Obama was first inaugurated, and February 2009. The current 28% job approval rating is the...
  4. the watchman

    this day in history OBAMA 2 18 2009 during his first term ( v Trump).

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgiXt_zkpPM Obama explains what he's actually done to bring jobs, address foreclosures, refinancing mortgages, help families who are "under water, etc. Donald Trump Addresses Rally in Florida; Says Obamacare Replacement Coming Even though he previously claimed...
  5. Goofball

    U.S. Exports fall in 2015 for first time since 2009.

    Obviously, this is Bush's fault. U.S. exports fall in 2015 for first time since recession - MarketWatch
  6. meridian5455

    Family Guy predicted Bruce Jenner would become a "woman" in 2009 episode

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BE18ac3zY4 Nailed it!
  7. Friday13

    Bates Investigated by Tulsa Sheriff in 2009

    For preferential treatment and 'behavior in the field'.
  8. meridian5455

    Purple Hearts awarded for 2009 shooting at Army post in Texas

    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Dozens of people who survived a 2009 shooting rampage at the Fort Hood U.S. Army base in central Texas and relatives of those who were killed received Purple Heart and Defense of Freedom medals on Friday after years of lobbying by politicians and lawyers. In February...
  9. Goofball

    January 20, 2009: A Date That Will Live In Infamy!

    This is the day that the President of the United States was stripped of all his powers and influence over all things domestic and international.
  10. BDBoop

    From 2009 - she nails it.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH9rC0MaBJc Maybe this time somebody can explain to me why you honestly believe that anybody who doesn't want a baby shouldn't be having sex, period, ever as opposed to providing free birth control, which has the bonus effect of cutting down on unwanted...
  11. angryamerican

    Soldier missing since 2009 is released

    U.S. soldier held in Afghanistan is released - CNN.com I seriously assumed he was killed along time ago. Not a super fan of releasing captives but understand the importance of dealing now and then. No doubt this was a surprise for many here as well that he was in fact alive all this time.
  12. A

    Taliban Release U.S. Soldier Taken Hostage In 2009: Bowe Bergdahl Released

    Taliban Release U.S. Soldier Taken Hostage In 2009 by EYDER PERALTA May 31, 201412:35 PM ET Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American prisoner of war in Afghanistan, has been released after almost five years in captivity, the White House said on Saturday. Taliban Release U.S. Soldier Taken...
  13. Tedminator

    Pop Music evolution (1890 to 2009)

    neat video that chronicles the evolution of recorded pop music from late 19th to early 21st century.. http://youtu.be/GaqokusDbbs
  14. bobgnote

    It turns out Republicans had suggestions, for Obamneycare, back in 2009:

    On Fox News a couple days ago was Rep.Tim Griffin, R-Ark., to say House pubs were all about suggesting interstate options, for the ACA website, unlike the state-by-state thing and its debacle website, which der Herr Obaminator und seiner toadies hat geschmucken und heimlichen maneuveren, bis...
  15. C

    I am so sick of hearing about 2009.

    Seems that the Republicans have the same answer for everything. Immigration Reforms? Why didn't Obama deal with that in 2009, when Democrats had control of the government? Economic recover? Why didn't he do that in 2009, when Democrats had control of Washington? The go to response to any...
  16. bajisima

    First negative GDP sonce 2009

    Our economic growth screeched to a halt this past quarter as we saw the first negative GDP since 2009. This came as a shock to the business community who were expecting moderate growth. I wonder if Hurricane Sandy had anything to do with it but the pundits seem to think it was all defense cuts...
  17. A

    Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009?

    Oh yeah. I forgot. And he got it for. . . for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples Wow! Wouldn't it suck if just a few short years later the Middle East was on fire and in complete upheaval due to his support of the Arab...
  18. Cicero

    In 2009, Americans paid lowest tax rates in 30 years to federal government

    By Lori Montgomery, Published: July 10 Americans paid the lowest tax rates in 30 years to the federal government in 2009, in part because of tax cuts President Obama sought to combat the Great Recession, congressional budget analysts said Tuesday. A sharp decline in income — especially...
  19. Macduff

    The Last Time Senate Passed a Budget Was April, 2009

    RealClearPolitics - The Last Time Senate Passed a Budget Was April, 2009
  20. Blackbeard

    The economy and the war on Terror, Obama 2009

    Obama, February 2009: If this economy hasn’t rebounded in three years, I’m a one-termer « Hot Air Oh what a difference a few years makes. The real guts of this interview start at the 4:15sec mark, Matt Lauer slobbering all over the President....but I love Matt's Willie Horton line. Even a...