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    Shut Down the Federal Reserve? Are the fraud allegations from the article urging to Shut Down the Federal Reserve accurate? Why is there so little education about the Federal Reserve in the media, schools and universities? Why is the Government Accountability Office not allowed a full...
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    WARNING! Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government !

    This Video talks about what is going to happen in December, scary http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ddQvhdCyhe4
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    so its out !

    All of the time we were labouring under the missaprehension that the finanacial meltdown was a global thing and that it was just the inevitable result of traders taking big risks and mis-handling deriviatives and dubious shenanigans in the sub prime sector ! not so fast buddy - this was a...
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    A Big cleanup of scandals !

    An Eu meeting took place in Växjö, Sweden in September 2009. All earlier scandals in Småland, Kronoberg and Växjö has now been "cleaned up". The perfect Kronoberg and Växjö must be shown. 100 of delegates from eu and ministers for Agriculture will visit Växjö and Kronoberg. Infamy and...