1. michaelr

    Fannie Posts $72 Billion Loss for '09

    Fannie Posts $72 Billion Loss for '09 at the beginning of the bailout I got snagged by the members on both sides of the isle, as it were. I was asked, what are we supposed to do, allow the banks to go under and have extreme unemployment? Well of course I went back to the nature of the crash...
  2. G

    More police officers killed by gunfire in '09

    More police killed by gunfire in '09 ‘Increasingly desperate population’ of criminals, says one expert NEW YORK - A police officer is gunned down in his patrol car in Penn Hills, Pa., while waiting for backup. Near Seattle, four officers starting their day at a coffee shop are ambushed...
  3. Inkslinger

    Stocks touch new '09 highs

    Good news... hopefully this is a boost to our economic moral no matter how much the the racists, tea baggers, racist teabaggers, and egg on the face republicans want to spin it. So, to do my part, I'm spreading the word peoples..things are looking up! Stocks touch new '09 highs Wall Street...