9 or 12

  1. nonsqtr

    Ron Paul's march on Washington 9/12

    10,000 People Show up in New Lenox, IL TEA PARTY in New Lenox, IL. A huge turnout of about 10,000 flag waving, sign toting, pissed off, proud AMERICANS wanting to get their country back! Fantastic turnout in New Lenox this morning, 10,000 Patriots! The people of America (the sleeping giant)...
  2. C

    Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project Launch On Right Now

    Glenn Beck is on right now with his special "The 9/12 Project" on Fox News. It's been pretty good so far, so check out the remaing half hour or so on Fox News Channel. And here's the link to the one hour live webcast to follow the TV broadcast. www.foxnews.com/glennbeck Feel free to...