1. BigLeRoy

    People Are Abusing Their Pets To Get Opioids

    This is a very disturbing story. Some veterinarians fear that some people are abusing their pets in order to get opioids: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180809112420.htm
  2. PACE

    Child abusing smegma are the new heroes of the Vanilla ISIS in this country

    Using sand paper on a kid to "sand off" an initial he carved on his chest? Driving him 10 miles from home and forcing him to walk back? Looks like quite the heroes,,, eh???? Meet The Child-Abusing Arsonists That Inspired The Oregon Militia Standoff | ThinkProgress
  3. bajisima

    Big banks abusing their deal

    Here we go again..Remind me why we bailed them out? "The nation's largest mortgage lenders are violating the terms of a punitive 2012 settlement that was meant to prevent unfair and unnecessary foreclosures that destroyed communities and pushed working families from their homes."...
  4. BDBoop

    Ramsey County, MN deputy caught repeatedly abusing canine companion

    Minnesota deputy arrested after being caught on camera beating up his K-9 | Daily Mail Online A sheriff's deputy is facing criminal charges after he was captured on surveillance camera allegedly beating his K-9 unit. Brett Arthur Berry from Ramsey County Sheriff’s officer was at Black Bear...
  5. Singularity

    NY town police accused of abusing 4 black people, who are also cops (w/ their badges)

    They are claiming that they were simply "responding to a 911 call about four 'big' people in bulletproof vests" and that the officers who were subjected to this treatment "didn't notify" the Ramapo Police Department that they would be in town... but the New York State Division of Parole officers...
  6. Spookycolt

    Liberal Obama Supporter BUSTED for sexual abusing a minor

    Who wants to bet that with a little wink and a nod, he get's a pardon before Obama leaves office? Of course, that will not stop the rampant sexual deviance of the left as they march forward in their quest to destroy all the morals, ethics and values we have as a nation. Terry Bean...
  7. Spookycolt

    People abusing corporations....this really needs to stop!

    Ok so here's the story. A company puts out a beauty product...some cream or something that says this: So some dingy chic gets all offended and tweets to some lady harassment group this: Now the beauty company tweets back that they are sorry and offer an apology and remove the...
  8. Macduff

    Abusing dead children

    Abusing dead children - NYPOST.com This president isn't basing his case on facts. He's trying to push an agenda through based on emotional appeals.
  9. meridian5455

    Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter

    Sheriff: Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter - CNN.com Good for him!
  10. F

    Brandon Bishop Admits Abusing Child For Being Spoiled

    Brandon Bishop Admits Abusing Child For Being Spoiled girl was limping and missing clumps of hair:offended:
  11. I

    U.S. report: China abusing human rights

    Cough....cough..... Story Highlights Chinese torture includes electric shocks, report says Forced relocations make way for Olympic projects, according to report Russia, Pakistan, North Korea also criticized in report State Department released report on...
  12. T

    Tired of the Media abusing the term - Change of Strategy

    I am really growing weary of the mainstream media misusing the term "change in strategy." This weak mimic of Democrat speaking points is profoundly idiotic. The notion that the ONLY "change in strategy" can be withdrawal from Iraq is moronic. Why is it that the media conveniently repeats DNC...