1. Southern Dad

    The FCC just voted to repeal its net neutrality rules, in a sweeping act of deregulat

    This is going to be interesting.
  2. Chief

    Former President Obama - Class act Two things caught my eye: Interesting thought on where we are now. After Trump has stuck it to Obama so many times, this is about as close of an...
  3. L

    On Waiving the Jerusalem Embassy Act (or Not)

    By Scott R. Anderson, Yishai Schwartz Thursday, November 30, 2017, 2:50 PM Tomorrow, the six-month waiver that President Donald Trump issued pursuant to the Jerusalem Embassy Act earlier this year will expire. If and when this happens, certain funding restrictions that are designed to force...
  4. DemoWhip

    Thousands of kids could lose health insurance next month if Congress doesn't act fast

    Thousands of kids could lose health insurance next month if Congress doesn't act fast - ABC News ​By Meridith McGraw ==================================================== But you see, children's lives sure appear to not be a Republican priority. They are clearly showing Americans...
  5. Tedminator

    Republican bill to permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act

    Puerto Rico: Jones Act Will Double Shipping Costs Republican Sen. John McCain is ramping up efforts to pass a bill that would permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act, a federal law that prohibits foreign-flagged ships from shuttling goods between U.S. ports. The 10-day Jones Act...
  6. PACE

    5 students from Conservative Christian college, facing felony charges in hazing act

    5 Wheaton College football players face felony charges in hazing incident - Chicago Tribune Two things: 1) this school isn't a school, it's a sewer 2) Some people have enough money that they even send their "sewage" to college.
  7. DebateDrone

    Will Dream Act Legislation be the First Major Legislation Signed by President Trump?

    Sen.s Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham are saying right now in a presser that DACA Dream Act Legislation needs to be passed right now. ASAP. WATCH LIVE: Sens. Graham, Durbin discuss DREAM Act | PBS NewsHour Would that make Dream Act the first piece of major legislation passed by Trump? Will he...
  8. Saladin3

    Hurricane Aftermath: Can trump act like a President????

    trump is all about his "base" and himself....Now with the disaster in Houston many affected are not part of his "base"...Will he reach out to them?...Will he act like a leader for all the people?...Or will he preen and strut...Blame President Obama and Liberals....Blame the media?...Try to sell...
  9. Dittohead not!

    Did Ben Carson violate the Hatch Act?

    Did Ben Carson violate the Hatch Act?
  10. PACE

    Ted Cruz called on the Justice Dept to label murder an act of domestic terrorism

    Yes, That Ted Cruz; Let's see, Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, who else?????
  11. Isalexi

    Another disgusting act

    Trump wants to change What obama did. He wants to deny seniors the right to sue for nursing home abuse
  12. S

    How will Republicans deal with the Affordable Care Act?

    How will Republicans deal with the Affordable Care Act? I believe the Whitehouse can and will exercise theirdiscretionary powers to undermine or disrupt the operations of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Regardlessof president Trump’s statements, he will actively strive...
  13. the watchman

    Durbin, Graham file Dream Act, hoping to ward off legal challenge to DACA.

    Hoping to fend off a legal challenge to a program that has spared nearly 800,000 young immigrants from deportation, two veteran senators made a long-shot appeal to President Trump on Thursday to support legislation that would put those immigrants and thousands of others on a path to U.S...
  14. T

    Magnitsky Act, Putin, Trump Clinton.

    What Really Irritates Vladimir Putin? The Magnitsky Act The Magnitsky Act, A U.S. Law Named After A Russian Lawyer, Is Part Of The Election Meddling Saga : NPR What is the Magnitsky Act?
  15. N

    Curtains for union coercion (Employee Rights Act)

    The problem: Illinois worker recounts ordeal to decertify union NLRB rules workers must pay year's worth of dues to decertified union The solution: Curtains for union coercion - Washington Times
  16. H

    Evil Obama Breaking the Logan Act by Conniving with Foreign Governments Behind Trump

    President Obama May be Breaking the Logan Act by Conniving with Foreign Governments Behind President Trump's Back Obama destroying America was by design. What do you expect from a Muslim. We've had enough of Obama. He did his best to destroy America during his two terms. Obama is a...
  17. BYG Jacob

    The Better Care Reconciliation Act

    The Senate's healthcare bill; Full text: New Senate GOP health care bill - POLITICO It sucks, highlights: Another thing, the bill only contains $2 Billion for opioid addiction. Some senators wanted a lot more, which is gonna be a tough sell.
  18. Spookycolt

    Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted under RICO Act for selling influence.

    Here we go folks, it appears this investigation is casting a very wide net and Hillary is about to get caught up in it. Hillary is being investigated by the FBI for “pay for play” and misusing her authority as the Secretary of State to get Lois Lerner, IRS director at the time, to...
  19. HenryPorter


    COVFEFE Act would preserve Trump's tweets as official statements | Reuters Finally Trump does something
  20. KnotaFrayed

    Yes, that's right............The COVFEFE Act......!!!

    Yup, it's here! The act you've known (been waiting for) for all these months! :triumphant: :devilish: "The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement, or COVFEFE Act." The Covfefe Act Has A Silly Name ? But It Addresses A Real Quandary : The Two-Way : NPR