1. MaryAnne

    Active shooter at Wright Pat AFB Hospital

    Active shooter at Wright Pat AFB Hospital. Locked down. No details yet
  2. Goofball

    Another example of good guys with guns stopping an active shooter.

    Killed the cretin. But guns don't save lives, right? Kudos to these guys!
  3. bajisima

    Active shooter video game set to be released amid backlash

    A new video game that allows players to simulate school shootings is set to be released next week, amid a wave of growing outrage by many who consider the game inappropriate after several deadly shootings at schools this year. "Active Shooter" will be released on June 6th and available for...
  4. Blueneck

    Active shooter at Youtube HQ

    CNBC is the only one reporting right now.
  5. Amelia

    School active shooter drills -- the teachers know it's a drill, the kids don't.

    School active shooter drills -- the teachers know it's a drill, the kids don't. Happened to a friend's daughter today at her elementary school. The principal was going around rattling doors while the children were inside hiding. Many were crying.
  6. Bronwyn

    [GW post # 103] Active shooter in Las Vegas

    Major shooting incident involving multiple victims. Location Mandalay Bay. Shooting at concert. reports on twitter. will post link as soon as it is reported on major network.
  7. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Possible Active shooter!? @ Army's Redstone Arsenal on lockdown? 'CNN' Fake News?

    Army's Redstone Arsenal on lockdown for 'possible active shooter he US Army's Redstone Arsenal post in Huntsville, Alabama, is on lockdown because of a "possible active shooter," the facility's Twitter account said Tuesday. There were reports of a shooter at Building 5301 -- the Aviation and...
  8. L

    Poll: Bernie Sanders country’s most popular active politician

    BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 04/18/17 07:31 PM EDT Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) is the country’s most popular active politician, underscoring his importance to the Democratic Party as it seeks to rebuild in the wake of a disastrous 2016 election cycle. Sanders is viewed favorably by 57 percent of...
  9. M

    Murder live streamed

    A murder of a stranger live on Facebook? That's what the "news" is reporting. Steve Stevens of Cleveland pulls up to a stranger walking on the sidewalk, tells the guy he's gonna die, then shoots him multiple times. Last scene is the stranger lying in a pool of blood. The guy says he...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Fired NYC attorney oversees FOX, Wall Street & Trump Tower--FOX under active investig

    Well, isn't that interesting timing. There are so many cases going on with FOX right now I have no idea which BROKEN LAW the FEDS are dealing with. Another sexual harassment case was settled like yesterday, of the 6 or 7, I don't know if/how many are left? FOX BROKE an FEC disclosure law...
  11. KnotaFrayed

    Active Measures................refers to what?

    "Active Measures" How Soviet Active Measures Themes Were Spread KGB and other Soviet intelligence - How it worked...... ...
  12. boontito

    Active Shooter at Ohio State University

    *Please don't merge with the other thread. If someone wants to get political about it they can do so here. Ohio State University: Suspect killed, 8 people hospitalized after campus attack - Law enforcement's reaction time appeared to be pretty impressive.
  13. TennesseeRain

    Oh god...There's an active shooter on my kid's campus

    :( - on the phone with her now.
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Multiple people shot near polling station; active shooter heavily armed! COOL and sad

    Multiple people shot near polling station; active shooter heavily armed Few details were released about the shooting, which occurred sometime after 2 p.m. in a residential neighborhood in the area of Fourth Street and Orange Avenue, said Officer Jerry Willison of the Azusa Police Department...
  15. Southern Dad

    Active Shooter Situation' Sends Cops to Houston Strip Mall

    Here we go again.
  16. The Man

    Austin, TX, active shooter, multiple casualties

    According to RT: Multiple casualties, active shooter in downtown Austin, Texas - police
  17. TennesseeRain

    Joint Base Andrews on lockdown after active shooter report

    The Pentagon confirmed a report of an active shooter at Joint Base Andrews on Thursday, as the base directed its personnel to shelter in place. A drill scheduled for Thursday morning had been cancelled and the base was calling the situation a "real world threat," according to Dylan Kuckolls, a...
  18. Wonderer

    Texas police on scene of active shooting, possible hostage situation

    Texas police on scene of active shooting, possible hostage situation BY JEANNIE NGUYEN, BROOKE SELF TUESDAY, JUNE 14TH 2016 AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) -- The Amarillo Police Department have confirmed an active shooter situation at the Walmart on I-27 and Georgia. The Amarillo Police...
  19. Goofball

    Active TB found in Indiana Refugees.

    Ok, so the argument only those with latent TB are here is out the window. CDC has failed to implement recommended screening procedures. CDC only tests 3 out of 4 refugees for TB. Four Refugees With Infectious Tuberculosis Sent to Indiana in 2015 - Breitbart Oh, and before...
  20. DebateDrone

    Breaking news ::: Active shooter at Lackland AFB San Antonio

    Reports are that the "shooting" occured moments ago on the sideside of the base, what was known as Medina Base.