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    Not Good: Six out of ten Active service members wary and pessimistic about Obama No confidence is how I take it. When asked who has their best interests at heart — Obama or President George W. Bush — a higher percentage of respondents picked Bush. __________________
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    Total active duty military deaths per year

    I found this interesting. I took it from a .pdf, so it's hard to read. Table 4. U.S. Active Duty Military Deaths, 1980 Through 2004, Part I, Total Military Personnel Calendar Year, ActiveDutya Full-Time (est.), Guard-Reserve,Selected Reserve, FTEb, Total Military, FTE, Total...
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    GET ACTIVE, the EASY Way

    The John Birch Society :: Truth Leadership Freedom Just click and go...everything is already done, you just have to approve it. And anyone who says JBS is kooks, well your really the kooks, you tv watching idiots! JBS is attacked because they tell the truth. They fight the elites system, so...
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    Are you active politically?

    Just wondering how people are active in the world. Have you called any radio programs? Have you written letters to the editor? Have you written any magazine articles? Have you written any books? Have you been on TV? Do you have a blog? Are you active with a political party? Have...
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    Active classroom frees kids from desk chairs

    The fidgety boys and girls in Phil Rynearson's classroom get up and move around whenever they want, and that's just fine with him. Read more...