1. bajisima

    Sen Paul and Coons help advance Pompeo

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker held back tears when describing to reporters how he felt about Democratic Sen. Chris Coons' decision to vote "present" during an important committee vote. While voting on whether CIA Director Mike Pompeo's nomination to be secretary of...
  2. PACE

    Katy Tur recalls unwanted advance from Trump during campaign.

    She froze, I would have turned around and bitten his goddamn nose off. Reporter Katy Tur Just Revealed Obscene Details of When Trump Kissed Her ? VibesRoll?com
  3. The Man

    U.S.-backed forces, Syrian army advance separately on Islamic State in Deir al-Zor

    More: U.S.-backed forces, Syrian army advance separately on Islamic State in Deir al-Zor | Article [AMP] | Reuters Keep in mind, there are US troops among the SDF, at least in Raqqa, but probably some will go with them into DZ too While Russian troops, including spec ops, are leading the SAA...
  4. The Man

    Syrian army advance on ISIS and "rebels"

    Syrian army, allied militia gain ground against IS - ABC News Russian troops are backing the Syrians on the ground
  5. cpicturetaker12

    OMG! Trump FURIOUS when Comey REFUSED to give him his remarks to Senate in advance

    The plot thickens! Trump said COMEY was insubordinate for not leting him see his prepared remarks in front of congress for last week. Trump was "infuriated". I've never heard of an FBI director or any of the 'independent' agencies being told they had to give the president their notes before...
  6. T

    Trump unleashes tweet storm, blasting Democrats in advance of shutdown vote

    Hell hath no fury like a feckless man child president. Indeed, taking to social media, Trump attacks Democrats in a barrage of tweets containing nothing more than strawman attacks. More immature antics from a man who is deeply out of his league intellectually? Sure looks like it. Trump...
  7. BYG Jacob

    U.S officials say Russia knew in advance Assad would gas his people. Ruh roh
  8. cpicturetaker12

    RUSSIA knew in advance of CHEMICAL ATTACKS in Syria...

    So was it Assad or PUTIN that sprayed Syrians?? So if Assad dropped them and RUSSIA knew, what does Trump do while Tillerson is on his way to CHAT? We're going to turn our heads and look away pretend they weren't complict? National Security Official: Russia knew in advance of Syrian chemical...
  9. bajisima

    Mnuchin, Price advance with no democrats present

    The Senate Finance Committee advanced the nominations of Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump's treasury secretary nominee, and Tom Price, his pick for health secretary, on Wednesday. The vote in committee came after Democrats boycotted a vote in protest, but Republicans then changed the rules for...
  10. ptif219

    Congress: Obama Admin Fired Top Scientist to Advance Climate Change Plans

    More corruption from Obama to support his fake agenda. Problem is there is no significant warming Obama Admin Fired Top Scientist to Advance Climate Change Plans
  11. The Man

    Ukraine rebels advance

    Russian proxy fighters occupy strategic village on approaches to Mariupol Also: Ukrainian govt forces: Enemy setting up stronghold near Mariupol Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said, on Facebook, that the villages of Kominternovo, Zichenkovo, and Vodyanoe have been...
  12. Inkslinger

    Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

    Hells yea! Let's re-bury Ronnie Reagan! Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United
  13. G

    Obama to use executive actions to advance immigration reform

    Obama to use executive actions to advance immigration reform WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will announce on Monday his intention to take executive action to address the "broken" U.S. immigration system after hopes of passing a broad reform bill in Congress officially died...
  14. Detective Mike Logan

    Are we going to ever advance past war: and advance towards space travel??

    I just asked a questioned on yahoo answers....and I received a DUH type answer. the duh was because 'as long as governments see war as the priority they will never spend money in this area'. AND THEN IT HIT ME..... wow- how right is this dude.... AND THEN I THOUGHT TO MYSELF?? can I imagine a...
  15. R

    Sebelius: Obama unaware of website woes in advance

    the president didn't know. how many times have we heard this one? is this president this insulated/isolated he doesn't know what's going on around him? OMG!! if his people aren't telling him what's going on, they aren't doing their job. people need to be fired. ------- (CNN) -- President...
  16. nonsqtr

    did Obama/the US know in advance the nerve gas was coming?

    Hm. Here's an interesting one. Someone's saying we had three days' advance warning that a chemical weapons attack was coming. U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched | The Cable This is damaging information, isn't it?
  17. Detective Mike Logan

    SPACE TRAVEL: how fast/far will it advance??

    a few basic questions about space travel and space technology. THE MOON: why have we not gone to the moon in so long?? MARS: Will we walk on mars anytime soon- or atleast orbit it at a safe distance in a manned spaceship? LIGHT SPEED: Is FTL (faster-than-light) speed possible? if not what...
  18. meridian5455

    Harry Reid uses Marines deaths to advance his own agenda.

    Harry Reid Raises Questions About Sequestration After Invoking Tragic Accident On Marine Base (VIDEO) Nice job, Harry, you dirtbag.
  19. B

    This advance in medical technology

    is really worth reading in the science section. THIS IS COOL: Amazing stuff. Really amazing. Go check it out.