1. R

    LGBT politics and pedophile advocacy - a history

    Interesting video that exposes the history of far-left and LGBT activist organizations and their support of "pedophile rights" groups like NAMBLA - and how modern "trans rights" movements targeting children may be a front for introducing pedophile acceptance to children.... creepy stuff... which...
  2. D

    LGBT Advocacy Groups Blast North Carolina Lt. Governor for 'Offensive' Response to NC

    KUDOS to the NCAA for fighting bigotry, discrimination and prejudice in North Carolina! They are making a resounding statement that they will not go along with the egregious good for nothing law that state has enacted so they will not provide them with the millions of dollars they could have...
  3. D

    Social Security Advocacy Group Slams Mike Pence As He Prepares To Be Trump’s VP Pick

    For all Americans who are concerned about Republican CUTS to Social Security, a program that YOU'VE paid into all of your life during your working years, here's the story for you to read! By contrast, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton believe in you keeping in your golden years what is...
  4. highway234

    Your Thoughts on John McCain's foreign policy advocacy

    What is your opinion on John McCain's calling for a more activist stance regarding Iran? Do you think he wants to go to war with Iran?
  5. N

    Gun control advocacy = buying media sensationalism

    It seems the outpourings of gun control advocacy emerge only when there is a mass shooting. Mass Shootings Are Responsible For Less Than 100 Out of 12,000 Annual Homicides in the US For the mentally challenged, 100 divided by 12,000 equals 0.83%. Gun control advocates therefore...
  6. TennesseeRain

    Dobbs defends his "birther" advocacy

    Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs may be singing a new tune on immigration, however, he’s sticking to his guns when it comes to defending his demand for evidence of President Obama’s birthplace. In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Dobbs lashed out against the “extreme Left†for...
  7. kmiller1610

    Advocacy Pieces Buried in the News

    Here's examples of "hit pieces" by the left and the right on Internet News Sites. I have been looking for echoes of these lines of "reporting" for days and the POVs of the pieces seem limited to "preaching to the choir..."...
  8. D

    Count on McCain to Resurrect his Amnesty Advocacy

    Count on McCain to resurrect his amnesty advocacy as soon as the voters can be ignored. For John McCain, there’s no such thing as illegal immigration.