1. Wonderer

    Obama Affirms Trump's Commitment to NATO

    Obama affirms Trump's commitment to NATO By Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 3:49 PM ET, Mon November 14, 2016 <Excerpt>: (CNN)President Barack Obama said Monday that the United States would remain the world's "indispensable" power and that President-elect Donald Trump had told him he was...
  2. aboutenough

    Court affirms Mass. murderer's right to get sex change in prison

    BOSTON – A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a judge's ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change operation for a transgender inmate serving a life sentence for a murder conviction, saying receiving medically necessary treatment is a constitutional right that must be protected "even if...
  3. michaelr

    S&P Affirms US AAA Rating, Cuts Outlook to Negative

    S&P Affirms US AAA Rating, Cuts Outlook to Negative Hey Partisans, your welcome to participate on the thread, but if you use your partisan BS, I will assault your posts with all the anger and truth that I can muster and stay within the guidelines set by the administrators of the board. This is...
  4. Dittohead not!

    Obama affirms his Islamic faith

    From a late breaking story on CNN: You can read the rest of the story here.
  5. michaelr

    Ohio Senate Affirms State Sovereignty

    Ohio Senate Affirms State Sovereignty This keeps up and Obama and gangsters will have no one to punk around. I am surprised Ohio went this way, but I am happy. Now they need to follow it up. They can start by telling the admin that the good citizens will take no part in health care...